Package libqb-devel

Development files for libqb

The libqb-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libqb.

Version: 2.0.8

See also: libqb.

Library Functions

qb_array_create Create an array with fixed sized elements.
qb_array_create_2 Create an array with fixed sized elements.
qb_array_elems_per_bin_get Get the number of elements per bin.
qb_array_free Free all the memory used by the array.
qb_array_grow Grow the array.
qb_array_index Get an element at a particular index.
qb_array_new_bin_cb_set Get a callback when a new bin is allocated.
qb_array_num_bins_get Get the number of bins used by the array.
qb_atomic_init qb_atomic_init
qb_atomic_int_add Atomically adds val to the integer pointed to by atomic.
qb_atomic_int_compare_and_exchange Compares oldval with the integer pointed to by atomic and if they are equal, atomically exchanges *atomic with newval.
qb_atomic_int_exchange_and_add Atomically adds val to the integer pointed to by atomic.
qb_atomic_int_get Reads the value of the integer pointed to by atomic.
qb_atomic_int_set Sets the value of the integer pointed to by atomic.
qb_atomic_pointer_compare_and_exchange Compares oldval with the pointer pointed to by atomic and if they are equal, atomically exchanges *atomic with newval.
qb_atomic_pointer_get Reads the value of the pointer pointed to by atomic.
qb_atomic_pointer_set Sets the value of the pointer pointed to by atomic.
qb_hashtable_create Create an unsorted map based on a hashtable.
qb_hdb_base_convert qb_hdb_base_convert
qb_hdb_create Create a new database.
qb_hdb_destroy Destroy a handle database.
qb_hdb_handle_create Create a new handle.
qb_hdb_handle_destroy Request the destruction of the object.
qb_hdb_handle_get Get the instance associated with this handle and increase it's refcount.
qb_hdb_handle_get_always Get the instance associated with this handle and increase it's refcount.
qb_hdb_handle_put Put the instance associated with this handle and decrease it's refcount.
qb_hdb_handle_refcount_get Get the current refcount.
qb_hdb_iterator_next Get the next object and increament it's refcount.
qb_hdb_iterator_reset Reset the iterator.
qb_hdb_nocheck_convert qb_hdb_nocheck_convert
qb_ipcc_connect Create a connection to an IPC service.
qb_ipcc_context_get Get the context (set previously)
qb_ipcc_context_set Associate a "user" pointer with this connection.
qb_ipcc_disconnect Disconnect an IPC connection.
qb_ipcc_event_recv Receive an event.
qb_ipcc_fc_enable_max_set Set the maximum allowable flowcontrol value.
qb_ipcc_fd_get Get the file descriptor to poll.
qb_ipcc_get_buffer_size What is the actual buffer size used after the connection.
qb_ipcc_is_connected Is the connection connected?
qb_ipcc_recv Receive a response.
qb_ipcc_send Send a message.
qb_ipcc_sendv Send a message (iovec).
qb_ipcc_sendv_recv This is a convenience function that simply sends and then recvs.
qb_ipcc_verify_dgram_max_msg_size Test kernel dgram socket buffers to verify the largest size up to the max_msg_size value a single msg can be.
qb_ipcs_connection_auth_set Set the permissions on and shared memory files so that both processes can read and write to them.
qb_ipcs_connection_first_get Get the first connection.
qb_ipcs_connection_get_buffer_size Retrieve the connection ipc buffer size.
qb_ipcs_connection_next_get Get the next connection.
qb_ipcs_connection_ref Increment the connection's reference counter.
qb_ipcs_connection_service_context_get Get the context previously set on the service backing this connection.
qb_ipcs_connection_stats_get Get the connection statistics.
qb_ipcs_connection_stats_get_2 Get (and allocate) the connection statistics.
qb_ipcs_connection_unref Decrement the connection's reference counter.
qb_ipcs_context_get Get the context (set previously)
qb_ipcs_context_set Associate a "user" pointer with this connection.
qb_ipcs_create Create a new IPC server.
qb_ipcs_destroy Destroy the IPC server.
qb_ipcs_disconnect Disconnect from this client.
qb_ipcs_enforce_buffer_size Enforce the max buffer size clients must use from the server side.
qb_ipcs_event_send Send an asynchronous event message to the client.
qb_ipcs_event_sendv Send an asynchronous event message to the client.
qb_ipcs_poll_handlers_set Set your poll callbacks.
qb_ipcs_ref Increase the reference counter on the service object.
qb_ipcs_request_rate_limit Limit the incoming request rate.
qb_ipcs_response_send Send a response to a incoming request.
qb_ipcs_response_sendv Send a response to a incoming request.
qb_ipcs_run run the new IPC server.
qb_ipcs_service_context_get Get the context (set previously)
qb_ipcs_service_context_set Associate a "user" pointer with this service.
qb_ipcs_service_id_get Get the service id related to this connection's service.
qb_ipcs_stats_get Get the service statistics.
qb_ipcs_unref Decrease the reference counter on the service object.
qb_list_add Add this element to the list.
qb_list_add_tail Add to the list (but at the end of the list).
qb_list_del Delete an entry from the list.
qb_list_empty A quick test to see if the list is empty (pointing to it's self).
qb_list_init Initialize the list entry.
qb_list_is_last Tests whether list is the last entry in list head.
qb_list_length Count the number of items in the list.
qb_list_replace Replace old entry by new one.
qb_list_splice Join two lists.
qb_list_splice_tail Join two lists, each list being a queue.
qb_log_blackbox_print_from_file Read the blackbox for file and print it out.
qb_log_blackbox_write_to_file Write the blackbox to file.
qb_log_callsite_get Get or create a callsite at the given position.
qb_log_callsites_dump Dump the callsite info to stdout.
qb_log_callsites_register If you are using dynamically loadable modules via dlopen() and you load them after qb_log_init() then after you load the module you will need to do the…
qb_log_ctl Main logging control function.
qb_log_ctl2 Extension of main logging control function accepting also strings.
qb_log_custom_close Close a custom log target and release its resources.
qb_log_custom_open Open a custom log target.
qb_log_facility2int Convert string "auth" to equivalent number "LOG_AUTH" etc.
qb_log_facility2str Convert number "LOG_AUTH" to equivalent string "auth" etc.
qb_log_file_close Close a log file and release its resources.
qb_log_file_open Open a log file.
qb_log_file_reopen Open a new log file for an existing target.
qb_log_filter_ctl This allows you modify the 'tags' and 'targets' callsite fields at runtime.
qb_log_filter_ctl2 This extends qb_log_filter_ctl() by been able to provide a high_priority.
qb_log_filter_fn_set Instead of using the qb_log_filter_ctl() functions you can apply the filters manually by defining a callback and setting the targets field using qb_bit_set()…
qb_log_fini Logging system finalization function.
qb_log_format_set Set the format specifiers.
qb_log_from_external_source This function is to import logs from other code (like libraries) that provide a callback with their logs.
qb_log_from_external_source_va qb_log_from_external_source_va
qb_log_init Init the logging system.
qb_log_real_ Internal function: use qb_log() or qb_logt()
qb_log_real_va_ qb_log_real_va_
qb_log_tags_stringify_fn_set Set the callback to map the 'tags' bit map to a string.
qb_log_target_format Format the callsite and timestamp info according to the format.
qb_log_target_user_data_get Retrieve the user data set by either qb_log_custom_open or qb_log_target_user_data_set.
qb_log_target_user_data_set Associate user data with this log target.
qb_log_thread_priority_set When using threaded logging set the pthread policy and priority.
qb_log_thread_start Start the logging pthread.
qb_loop_create Create a new main loop.
qb_loop_destroy qb_loop_destroy
qb_loop_job_add Add a job to the mainloop.
qb_loop_job_del Delete a job from the mainloop.
qb_loop_poll_add Add a poll job to the mainloop.
qb_loop_poll_del Delete a poll job.
qb_loop_poll_low_fds_event_set Set a callback to receive events on file descriptors getting low.
qb_loop_poll_mod Modify a poll job.
qb_loop_run Run the main loop.
qb_loop_signal_add Add a signal job.
qb_loop_signal_del Delete the signal job.
qb_loop_signal_mod Modify the signal job.
qb_loop_stop Stop the main loop.
qb_loop_timer_add Add a timer to the mainloop.
qb_loop_timer_del Delete a timer that is still outstanding.
qb_loop_timer_expire_time_get Get the expiration time of the timer, as set when the timer was created.
qb_loop_timer_expire_time_remaining Get the time remaining before the timer expires.
qb_loop_timer_is_running Check to see if a timer that is still outstanding.
qb_map_count_get Get the number of items in the map.
qb_map_destroy Destroy the map, removes all the items from the map.
qb_map_foreach Calls the given function for each of the key/value pairs in the map.
qb_map_get Gets the value corresponding to the given key.
qb_map_iter_create Create an iterator.
qb_map_iter_free free the iterator
qb_map_iter_next Get the next item.
qb_map_notify_add Add a notifier to the map.
qb_map_notify_del Delete a notifier from the map.
qb_map_notify_del_2 Delete a notifier from the map (including the userdata).
qb_map_pref_iter_create Create a prefix iterator.
qb_map_put Inserts a new key and value into a qb_map_t.
qb_map_rm Removes a key/value pair from a map.
qb_rb_chmod Like 'chmod', it changes the mode of the ringbuffer's resources.
qb_rb_chown Like 'chown', it changes the owner and group of the ringbuffer's resources.
qb_rb_chunk_alloc Allocate space for a chunk of the given size.
qb_rb_chunk_commit Finalize the chunk.
qb_rb_chunk_peek Read (without reclaiming) the last chunk.
qb_rb_chunk_read Read the oldest chunk into data_out.
qb_rb_chunk_reclaim Reclaim the oldest chunk.
qb_rb_chunk_write Write a chunk to the ring buffer.
qb_rb_chunks_used The total number of chunks in the buffer.
qb_rb_close Dereference the ringbuffer and, if we are the last user, destroy it.
qb_rb_create_from_file Load the saved ring buffer from file into temporary memory.
qb_rb_name_get Get the name of the ringbuffer.
qb_rb_open Create the ring buffer with the given type.
qb_rb_refcount_get Get the reference count.
qb_rb_shared_user_data_get Get a point to user shared data area.
qb_rb_space_free The amount of free space in the ring buffer.
qb_rb_space_used The total amount of data in the buffer.
qb_rb_write_to_file Write the contents of the Ring Buffer to file.
qb_skiplist_create Create a sorted map using a skiplist.
qb_strerror_r strerror_r replacement.
qb_thread_lock Calls either pthread_mutex_lock() or pthread_spin_lock().
qb_thread_lock_create Create a new lock of the given type.
qb_thread_lock_destroy Calls either pthread_mutex_destro() or pthread_spin_destroy().
qb_thread_trylock Calls either pthread_mutex_trylock() or pthread_spin_trylock().
qb_thread_unlock Calls either pthread_mutex_unlock() or pthread_spin_unlock.
qb_timespec_add_ms Add milliseconds onto the timespec.
qb_trie_create Create a sorted map using a Patricia trie or "Radix tree".
qb_trie_dump print out the nodes in the trie
qb_util_nano_current_get Get the current number of nano secounds produced by the systems incrementing clock (CLOCK_MONOTOMIC if available).
qb_util_nano_from_epoch_get Get the time in nano seconds since epoch.
qb_util_nano_monotonic_hz Get the frequence of the clock used in qb_util_nano_current_get().
qb_util_set_log_function Use this function to output libqb internal log message as you wish.
qb_util_stopwatch_create Create a Stopwatch (to time operations)
qb_util_stopwatch_free Free the stopwatch.
qb_util_stopwatch_sec_elapsed_get Get the elapsed time in seconds.
qb_util_stopwatch_split Create a new time split (or lap time)
qb_util_stopwatch_split_ctl qb_util_stopwatch_split_ctl
qb_util_stopwatch_split_last Get the last split index to be used by qb_util_stopwatch_time_split_get()
qb_util_stopwatch_start Start the stopwatch.
qb_util_stopwatch_stop Stop the stopwatch.
qb_util_stopwatch_time_split_get Read the time split (in us) from "receint" to "older".
qb_util_stopwatch_us_elapsed_get Get the elapsed time in micro seconds.
qb_util_timespec_from_epoch_get Get the time in timespec since epoch.
qbarray.h This is a dynamic array (it can grow, but without moving memory).
qbatomic.h Basic atomic integer and pointer operations.
qbdefs.h These are some convience macros and defines.
qbhdb.h The handle database is for reference counting objects.
qbipc_common.h common types and definitions
qbipcc.h Client IPC API.
qbipcs.h Server IPC API.
qblist.h This is a kernel style list implementation.
qblog.h The logging API provides four main parts (basics, filtering, threading & blackbox).
qbloop.h Main loop manages timers, jobs and polling sockets.
qbmap.h This provides a map interface to a Patricia trie, hashtable or skiplist.
qbrb.h This implements a ring buffer that works in "chunks", not bytes.
qbutil.h These are some convience functions used throughout libqb.