Package libqb-devel

Development files for libqb

The libqb-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libqb.

See also: libqb.

Library Functions

qbarray.h qbarray.h
qbatomic.h qbatomic.h
qbdefs.h qbdefs.h
qbhdb.h qbhdb.h
qbipc_common.h qbipc_common.h
qbipcc.h qbipcc.h
qbipcs.h qbipcs.h
qblist.h qblist.h
qblog.h qblog.h
qbloop.h qbloop.h
qbmap.h qbmap.h
qbrb.h qbrb.h
qbutil.h qbutil.h