Package libqb-devel

Development files for libqb

The libqb-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libqb.

See also: libqb.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
qbarray.h This is a dynamic array (it can grow, but without moving memory).
qbatomic.h Basic atomic integer and pointer operations.
qbdefs.h These are some convience macros and defines.
qbhdb.h The handle database is for reference counting objects.
qbipc_common.h common types and definitions
qbipcc.h Client IPC API.
qbipcs.h Server IPC API.
qblist.h This is a kernel style list implementation.
qblog.h The logging API provides four main parts (basics, filtering, threading &...
qbloop.h Main loop manages timers, jobs and polling sockets.
qbmap.h This provides a map interface to a Patricia trie, hashtable or skiplist.
qbrb.h This implements a ring buffer that works in 'chunks', not bytes.
qbutil.h These are some convience functions used throughout libqb.