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Package libpmemobj-devel

Development files for the Persistent Memory Transactional Object Store library


The libpmemobj library provides a transactional object store,
providing memory allocation, transactions, and general facilities for
persistent memory programming. Developers new to persistent memory
probably want to start with this library.

Version: 2.0.1

Library Functions

d_ro alias for toid_declare
d_rw alias for toid_declare
direct_ro alias for toid_declare
direct_rw alias for toid_declare
oid_equals alias for oid_is_null
oid_instanceof alias for toid_declare
oid_is_null functions that allow mapping operations between object addresses, object handles, oids or type numbers
pmemobj_action Delayed atomicity actions (EXPERIMENTAL)
pmemobj_alloc non-transactional atomic allocations
pmemobj_alloc_usable_size alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_cancel alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_check alias for pmemobj_open
pmemobj_check_version alias for libpmemobj(7)
pmemobj_close alias for pmemobj_open
pmemobj_cond_broadcast alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_cond_signal alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_cond_timedwait alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_cond_wait alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_cond_zero alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_create alias for pmemobj_open
pmemobj_ctl_exec alias for pmemobj_ctl_get
pmemobj_ctl_get Query and modify libpmemobj internal behavior (EXPERIMENTAL)
pmemobj_ctl_set alias for pmemobj_ctl_get
pmemobj_defer_free alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_defrag alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_direct alias for oid_is_null
pmemobj_drain alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_errormsg alias for libpmemobj(7)
pmemobj_f_mem_nodrain alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_f_mem_noflush alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_f_mem_nontemporal alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_f_mem_temporal alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_f_mem_wb alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_f_mem_wc alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_f_relaxed alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_first pmemobj container operations
pmemobj_flush alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_free alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_get_user_data alias for pmemobj_open
pmemobj_list_insert non-transactional persistent atomic lists functions
pmemobj_list_insert_new alias for pmemobj_list_insert
pmemobj_list_move alias for pmemobj_list_insert
pmemobj_list_remove alias for pmemobj_list_insert
pmemobj_memcpy alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_memcpy_persist low-level memory manipulation functions
pmemobj_memmove alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_memset alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_memset_persist alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_mutex_lock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_mutex_timedlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_mutex_trylock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_mutex_unlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_next alias for pmemobj_first
pmemobj_oid alias for oid_is_null
pmemobj_open create, open, close and validate persistent memory transactional object store
pmemobj_persist alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_pool_by_oid alias for oid_is_null
pmemobj_pool_by_ptr alias for oid_is_null
pmemobj_publish alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_realloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_reserve alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_root root object management
pmemobj_root_construct alias for pmemobj_root
pmemobj_root_size alias for pmemobj_root
pmemobj_rwlock_rdlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_timedrdlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_timedwrlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_tryrdlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_trywrlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_unlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_wrlock alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_rwlock_zero alias for pmemobj_mutex_zero
pmemobj_set_funcs alias for libpmemobj(7)
pmemobj_set_user_data alias for pmemobj_open
pmemobj_set_value alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_strdup alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_tx_abort alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_add_range_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
pmemobj_tx_commit alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_end alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_errno alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_free alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_get_failure_behavior alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_get_user_data alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_lock alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_log_append_buffer alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_log_auto_alloc alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_log_intents_max_size alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_log_snapshots_max_size alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_process alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_publish alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_tx_realloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_set_failure_behavior alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_set_user_data alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_stage alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_strdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_wcsdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_xadd_range alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
pmemobj_tx_xadd_range_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
pmemobj_tx_xalloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_xfree alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_xlock alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_xlog_append_buffer alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
pmemobj_tx_xpublish alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_tx_xstrdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_xwcsdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_zalloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_tx_zrealloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
pmemobj_type_num alias for oid_is_null
pmemobj_volatile alias for oid_is_null
pmemobj_wcsdup alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_xalloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_xflush alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_xpersist alias for pmemobj_memcpy_persist
pmemobj_xreserve alias for pmemobj_action
pmemobj_zalloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pmemobj_zrealloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_alloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_first alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_first_type_num alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_foreach alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_foreach_safe alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_foreach_safe_type alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_foreach_type alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_free alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_layout_begin persistent memory transactional object store layout
pobj_layout_end alias for pobj_layout_begin
pobj_layout_name alias for pobj_layout_begin
pobj_layout_root alias for pobj_layout_begin
pobj_layout_toid alias for pobj_layout_begin
pobj_layout_types_num alias for pobj_layout_begin
pobj_list_empty alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_entry alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_first alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_foreach alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_foreach_reverse alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_after alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_before alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_head alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_new_after alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_new_before alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_new_head alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_new_tail alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_insert_tail alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_last alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_move_element_after alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_move_element_before alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_move_element_head alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_move_element_tail alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_next alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_prev alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_remove alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_list_remove_free alias for pobj_list_head
pobj_new alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_next alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_next_type_num alias for pmemobj_first
pobj_realloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_reserve_alloc alias for pmemobj_action
pobj_reserve_new alias for pmemobj_action
pobj_root alias for pmemobj_root
pobj_xreserve_alloc alias for pmemobj_action
pobj_xreserve_new alias for pmemobj_action
pobj_zalloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_znew alias for pmemobj_alloc
pobj_zrealloc alias for pmemobj_alloc
toid alias for toid_declare
toid_assign alias for toid_declare
toid_declare libpmemobj type safety mechanism
toid_declare_root alias for toid_declare
toid_equals alias for toid_declare
toid_is_null alias for toid_declare
toid_offsetof alias for toid_declare
toid_type_num alias for toid_declare
toid_type_num_of alias for toid_declare
toid_typeof alias for toid_declare
toid_valid alias for toid_declare
tx_add alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_add_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_add_field alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_add_field_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_alloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_begin alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_begin_cb alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_begin_param alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_end alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_finally alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_free alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_memcpy alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_memset alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_new alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_onabort alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_oncommit alias for pmemobj_tx_begin
tx_realloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_set alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_set_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_strdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_wcsdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_xadd alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_xadd_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_xadd_field alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_xadd_field_direct alias for pmemobj_tx_add_range
tx_xalloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_xfree alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_xstrdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_xwcsdup alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_zalloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_znew alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc
tx_zrealloc alias for pmemobj_tx_alloc

File Formats

poolset persistent memory pool configuration file format


libpmemobj persistent memory transactional object store