Package libpmemobj-devel

Development files for the Persistent Memory Transactional Object Store library

The libpmemobj library provides a transactional object store,
providing memory allocation, transactions, and general facilities for
persistent memory programming. Developers new to persistent memory
probably want to start with this library.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
oid_is_null functions that allow mapping operations between object addresses, object...
pmemobj_action Delayed atomicity actions (EXPERIMENTAL)
pmemobj_alloc non-transactional atomic allocations
pmemobj_ctl_get Query and modify libpmemobj internal behavior (EXPERIMENTAL)
pmemobj_first pmemobj container operations
pmemobj_list_insert non-transactional persistent atomic lists functions
pmemobj_memcpy_persist low-level memory manipulation functions
pmemobj_mutex_zero pmemobj_mutex_zero(), pmemobj_mutex_lock(), pmemobj_mutex_timedlock()...
pmemobj_open create, open, close and validate persistent memory transactional object store
pmemobj_root root object management
pmemobj_tx_add_range pmemobj_tx_add_range(), pmemobj_tx_add_range_direct(), pmemobj_tx_xadd_range()...
pmemobj_tx_alloc pmemobj_tx_alloc(), pmemobj_tx_zalloc(), pmemobj_tx_xalloc()...
pmemobj_tx_begin pmemobj_tx_stage(),
pobj_layout_begin persistent memory transactional object store layout
toid_declare libpmemobj type safety mechanism
Name Description
libpmemobj persistent memory transactional object store