Package libpmemlog-devel

Development files for the Persistent Memory Resident Log File library

The libpmemlog library provides a pmem-resident log file. This
library is provided for cases requiring an append-mostly file to
record variable length entries. Most developers will find higher
level libraries like libpmemobj to be more generally useful.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
pmemlog_append append bytes to the persistent memory resident log file
pmemlog_create create, open, close and validate persistent memory resident log file
pmemlog_ctl_get pmemlog_ctl_get(), pmemlog_ctl_set(), pmemlog_ctl_exec() – Query and modify...
pmemlog_nbyte checks the amount of usable space in the log pool.
pmemlog_tell checks current write point for the log or walks through the log
Name Description
libpmemlog persistent memory resident log file