Package libpmem2-devel

Development files for the low-level persistent memory library

The libpmem provides low level persistent memory support. In particular,
support for the persistent memory instructions for flushing changes
to pmem is provided. This package provides the v2 API.

This library is provided for software which tracks every store to
pmem and needs to flush those changes to durability. Most developers
will find higher level libraries like libpmemobj to be much more

Version: 2.0.1

Library Functions

pmem2_badblock_clear clear the given bad block
pmem2_badblock_context_delete alias for pmem2_badblock_context_new
pmem2_badblock_context_new allocate and free a context for pmem2_badblock_next() and pmem2_badblock_clear() operations
pmem2_badblock_next read the next bad block for the given bad block context *bbctx.
pmem2_config_delete alias for pmem2_config_new
pmem2_config_new allocate and free a configuration structure for a libpmem2 mapping
pmem2_config_set_length set length in the pmem2_config structure
pmem2_config_set_offset set offset in the pmem2_config structure
pmem2_config_set_protection set a protection flags in pmem2_config structure.
pmem2_config_set_required_store_granularity set a granularity in pmem2_config structure.
pmem2_config_set_sharing set sharing in the pmem2_config structure
pmem2_config_set_vm_reservation sets the pmem2_vm_reservation structure basing on the values in the pmem2_config structure
pmem2_deep_flush highly reliable persistent memory synchronization
pmem2_errormsg returns last error message
pmem2_get_drain_fn get a drain function
pmem2_get_flush_fn get a flush function
pmem2_get_memcpy_fn alias for pmem2_get_memmove_fn
pmem2_get_memmove_fn get a function that provides optimized copying to persistent memory
pmem2_get_memset_fn alias for pmem2_get_memmove_fn
pmem2_get_persist_fn get a persist function
pmem2_map_delete deletes a mapping
pmem2_map_from_existing creates a pmem2_map object from an existing mapping
pmem2_map_get_address reads mapping address
pmem2_map_get_size reads mapping size
pmem2_map_get_store_granularity reads effective mapping granularity
pmem2_map_new creates a mapping
pmem2_perror prints a descriptive error message to stderr
pmem2_source_alignment returns data source alignment
pmem2_source_delete alias for pmem2_source_from_fd
pmem2_source_device_id returns the unique identifier of a device
pmem2_source_device_usc returns the unsafe shutdown counter value of a device
pmem2_source_from_anon creates data source backed by anonymous memory pages
pmem2_source_from_fd creates or deletes an instance of persistent memory data source
pmem2_source_get_fd reads file descriptor of the data source
pmem2_source_numa_node returns data source numa node
pmem2_source_pread_mcsafe read source contents or write to the source in a safe manner
pmem2_source_pwrite_mcsafe alias for pmem2_source_pread_mcsafe
pmem2_source_size returns the size of the data source
pmem2_vm_reservation_delete alias for pmem2_vm_reservation_new
pmem2_vm_reservation_extend extends and shrinks existing virtual memory reservation
pmem2_vm_reservation_get_address reads address of the virtual memory reservation
pmem2_vm_reservation_get_size reads virtual memory reservation size
pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find search for the mapping located at the desirable location
pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find_first alias for pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find
pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find_last alias for pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find
pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find_next alias for pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find
pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find_prev alias for pmem2_vm_reservation_map_find
pmem2_vm_reservation_new creates or deletes an instance of virtual memory reservation
pmem2_vm_reservation_shrink alias for pmem2_vm_reservation_extend


libpmem2 persistent memory support library
libpmem2_unsafe_shutdown libpmem2 unsafe shutdown