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Package libpmem-devel

Development files for the low-level persistent memory library


The libpmem provides low level persistent memory support. In particular,
support for the persistent memory instructions for flushing changes
to pmem is provided. This package provides the v1 API.

This library is provided for software which tracks every store to
pmem and needs to flush those changes to durability. Most developers
will find higher level libraries like libpmemobj to be much more

Version: 2.0.1

Library Functions

pmem_check_version alias for libpmem(7)
pmem_deep_drain alias for pmem_flush
pmem_deep_flush alias for pmem_flush
pmem_deep_persist alias for pmem_flush
pmem_drain alias for pmem_flush
pmem_errormsg alias for libpmem(7)
pmem_flush check persistency, store persistent data and delete mappings
pmem_has_auto_flush alias for pmem_flush
pmem_has_hw_drain alias for pmem_flush
pmem_is_pmem check persistency, create and delete mappings
pmem_map_file alias for pmem_is_pmem
pmem_memcpy alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memcpy_nodrain alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memcpy_persist alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memmove alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memmove_nodrain alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memmove_persist functions that provide optimized copying to persistent memory
pmem_memset alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memset_nodrain alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_memset_persist alias for pmem_memmove_persist
pmem_msync alias for pmem_flush
pmem_persist alias for pmem_flush
pmem_unmap alias for pmem_is_pmem

File Formats

pmem_ctl interface for examination and modification of the library’s internal state.


libpmem persistent memory support library