Package libpgf-devel

Development files for libpgf

The libpgf-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libpgf.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
BitStream.h BitStream.h
CDecoder PGF decoder.
CDecoder_CMacroBlock A macro block is a decoding unit of fixed size (uncoded)
CEncoder PGF encoder.
CEncoder_CMacroBlock A macro block is an encoding unit of fixed size (uncoded)
config.h config.h
CPGFFileStream File stream class.
CPGFImage PGF main class.
CPGFMemoryStream Memory stream class.
CPGFStream Abstract stream base class.
CSubband Wavelet channel class.
CWaveletTransform PGF wavelet transform.
Decoder.cpp PGF decoder class implementation.
Decoder.h PGF decoder class.
Encoder.cpp PGF encoder class implementation.
Encoder.h PGF encoder class.
IOException PGF exception.
PGFHeader PGF header.
PGFimage.cpp PGF image class implementation.
PGFimage.h PGF image class.
PGFMagicVersion PGF identification and version.
PGFplatform.h PGF platform specific definitions.
PGFPostHeader Optional PGF post-header.
PGFPreHeader PGF pre-header.
PGFRect Rectangle.
PGFstream.cpp PGF stream class implementation.
PGFstream.h PGF stream class.
PGFtypes.h PGF definitions.
ROIBlockHeader Block header used with ROI coding scheme.
ROIBlockHeader_RBH Named ROI block header (part of the union)
Subband.cpp PGF wavelet subband class implementation.
Subband.h PGF wavelet subband class.
WaveletTransform.cpp PGF wavelet transform class implementation.
WaveletTransform.h PGF wavelet transform class.