Package libpcap-devel

Libraries and header files for the libpcap library

Libpcap provides a portable framework for low-level network
monitoring. Libpcap can provide network statistics collection,
security monitoring and network debugging. Since almost every system
vendor provides a different interface for packet capture, the libpcap
authors created this system-independent API to ease in porting and to
alleviate the need for several system-dependent packet capture modules
in each application.

This package provides the libraries, include files, and other
resources needed for developing libpcap applications.

Version: 1.10.4

See also: libpcap.

General Commands

pcap-config write libpcap compiler and linker flags to standard output

Library Functions

pcap.3pcap Packet Capture library
pcap_activate.3pcap activate a capture handle
pcap_breakloop.3pcap force a pcap_dispatch() or pcap_loop() call to return
pcap_can_set_rfmon.3pcap check whether monitor mode can be set for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_close.3pcap close a capture device or savefile
pcap_compile.3pcap compile a filter expression
pcap_create.3pcap create a live capture handle
pcap_datalink.3pcap get the link-layer header type
pcap_datalink_name_to_val.3pcap get the link-layer header type value corresponding to a header type name
pcap_datalink_val_to_description.3pcap alias for pcap_datalink_val_to_name.3pcap
pcap_datalink_val_to_description_or_dlt.3pcap alias for pcap_datalink_val_to_name.3pcap
pcap_datalink_val_to_name.3pcap get a name or description for a link-layer header type value
pcap_dispatch.3pcap alias for pcap_loop.3pcap
pcap_dump.3pcap write a packet to a capture file
pcap_dump_close.3pcap close a savefile being written to
pcap_dump_file.3pcap get the standard I/O stream for a savefile being written
pcap_dump_flush.3pcap flush to a savefile packets dumped
pcap_dump_fopen.3pcap alias for pcap_dump_open.3pcap
pcap_dump_ftell.3pcap get the current file offset for a savefile being written
pcap_dump_open.3pcap open a file to which to write packets
pcap_file.3pcap get the standard I/O stream for a savefile being read
pcap_fileno.3pcap get the file descriptor for a live capture
pcap_findalldevs.3pcap get a list of capture devices, and free that list
pcap_fopen_offline.3pcap alias for pcap_open_offline.3pcap
pcap_fopen_offline_with_tstamp_precision.3pcap alias for pcap_open_offline.3pcap
pcap_free_datalinks.3pcap alias for pcap_list_datalinks.3pcap
pcap_free_tstamp_types.3pcap alias for pcap_list_tstamp_types.3pcap
pcap_freealldevs.3pcap alias for pcap_findalldevs.3pcap
pcap_freecode.3pcap free a BPF program
pcap_get_required_select_timeout.3pcap get a timeout to be used when doing select() for a live capture
pcap_get_selectable_fd.3pcap get a file descriptor on which a select() can be done for a live capture
pcap_get_tstamp_precision.3pcap get the time stamp precision returned in captures
pcap_geterr.3pcap get or print libpcap error message text
pcap_getnonblock.3pcap alias for pcap_setnonblock.3pcap
pcap_init.3pcap initialize the library
pcap_inject.3pcap transmit a packet
pcap_is_swapped.3pcap find out whether a savefile has the native byte order
pcap_lib_version.3pcap get the version information for libpcap
pcap_list_datalinks.3pcap get a list of link-layer header types supported by a capture device, and free that list
pcap_list_tstamp_types.3pcap get a list of time stamp types supported by a capture device, and free that list
pcap_lookupdev.3pcap find the default device on which to capture
pcap_lookupnet.3pcap find the IPv4 network number and netmask for a device
pcap_loop.3pcap process packets from a live capture or savefile
pcap_major_version.3pcap get the version number of a savefile
pcap_minor_version.3pcap alias for pcap_major_version.3pcap
pcap_next.3pcap alias for pcap_next_ex.3pcap
pcap_next_ex.3pcap read the next packet from a pcap_t
pcap_offline_filter.3pcap check whether a filter matches a packet
pcap_open_dead.3pcap open a fake pcap_t for compiling filters or opening a capture for output
pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision.3pcap alias for pcap_open_dead.3pcap
pcap_open_live.3pcap open a device for capturing
pcap_open_offline.3pcap open a saved capture file for reading
pcap_open_offline_with_tstamp_precision.3pcap alias for pcap_open_offline.3pcap
pcap_perror.3pcap alias for pcap_geterr.3pcap
pcap_sendpacket.3pcap alias for pcap_inject.3pcap
pcap_set_buffer_size.3pcap set the buffer size for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_datalink.3pcap set the link-layer header type to be used by a capture device
pcap_set_immediate_mode.3pcap set immediate mode for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_promisc.3pcap set promiscuous mode for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_protocol_linux.3pcap set capture protocol for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_rfmon.3pcap set monitor mode for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_snaplen.3pcap set the snapshot length for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_timeout.3pcap set the packet buffer timeout for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_tstamp_precision.3pcap set the time stamp precision returned in captures
pcap_set_tstamp_type.3pcap set the time stamp type to be used by a capture device
pcap_setdirection.3pcap set the direction for which packets will be captured
pcap_setfilter.3pcap set the filter
pcap_setnonblock.3pcap set or get the state of non-blocking mode on a capture device
pcap_snapshot.3pcap get the snapshot length
pcap_stats.3pcap get capture statistics
pcap_statustostr.3pcap convert a PCAP_ERROR_ or PCAP_WARNING_ value to a string
pcap_strerror.3pcap convert an errno value to a string
pcap_tstamp_type_name_to_val.3pcap get the time stamp type value corresponding to a time stamp type name
pcap_tstamp_type_val_to_description.3pcap alias for pcap_tstamp_type_val_to_name.3pcap
pcap_tstamp_type_val_to_name.3pcap get a name or description for a time stamp type value

File Formats

pcap-savefile libpcap savefile format