Package libpano13-tools

Tools that use the libpano13 library

PTcrop, create cropped TIFF files from uncropped TIFF
PTuncrop, create uncropped TIFF files from cropped TIFF
PToptimizer, a command-line interface for control-point optimisation
PTblender, match colour histograms of overlapping TIFF files
PTtiff2psd, convert TIFF files to PSD
panoinfo, a tool for querying pano13 library capabilities
PTmender, remaps photos between projections
PTroller, merges multiple TIFF with alpha masks to a single TIFF

General Commands
Command Description
panoinfo List details about the libpano13 library
PTAInterpolate Interpolate intermediate images between stereo photos.
PTblender Colour and brightness correction of panoramas
PTcrop Crop TIFF images
PTinfo Display information about a panotools-generated image
PTmasker Compute stitching masks
PTmender Replacement for PTStitcher
PToptimizer Wrapper around control point optimization routines
PTroller Merge several images into a single one
PTtiff2psd Convert a set of TIFF files into a Photoshop PSD file
PTtiffdump Compare two TIFF images
PTuncrop Uncrop TIFF images