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Package libpano13-tools

Tools that use the libpano13 library


PTcrop, create cropped TIFF files from uncropped TIFF
PTuncrop, create uncropped TIFF files from cropped TIFF
PToptimizer, a command-line interface for control-point optimisation
PTblender, match colour histograms of overlapping TIFF files
PTtiff2psd, convert TIFF files to PSD
panoinfo, a tool for querying pano13 library capabilities
PTmender, remaps photos between projections
PTroller, merges multiple TIFF with alpha masks to a single TIFF

Version: 2.9.22

General Commands

PTAInterpolate Interpolate intermediate images between stereo photos.
PTblender Colour and brightness correction of panoramas
PTcrop Crop TIFF images
PTinfo Display information about a panotools-generated image
PTmasker Compute stitching masks
PTmender Replacement for PTStitcher
PToptimizer Wrapper around control point optimization routines
PTroller Merge several images into a single one
PTtiff2psd Convert a set of TIFF files into a Photoshop PSD file
PTtiffdump Compare two TIFF images
PTuncrop Uncrop TIFF images
panoinfo List details about the libpano13 library