Package libnodeupdown-devel

Development headers for libnodeupdown

Version: 1.14

See also: libnodeupdown.

Library Functions

nodeupdown alias for libnodeupdown
nodeupdown_down_count alias for nodeupdown_up_count
nodeupdown_errnum nodeupdown error routines
nodeupdown_errormsg alias for nodeupdown_errnum
nodeupdown_get_down_nodes_list alias for nodeupdown_get_up_nodes_list
nodeupdown_get_down_nodes_string alias for nodeupdown_get_up_nodes_string
nodeupdown_get_up_nodes_list get up or down nodes
nodeupdown_get_up_nodes_string get up or down nodes
nodeupdown_handle_create create a nodeupdown handle
nodeupdown_handle_destroy destroys a nodeupdown handle
nodeupdown_is_node_down alias for nodeupdown_is_node_up
nodeupdown_is_node_up test if a node is up or down
nodeupdown_last_up_time retrieve time since epoch of the last known up time for a node.
nodeupdown_load_data load data
nodeupdown_module Introduction to writing nodeupdown modules or down
nodeupdown_nodelist_clear alias for nodeupdown_nodelist_create
nodeupdown_nodelist_create create, clear, and destroy lists
nodeupdown_nodelist_destroy alias for nodeupdown_nodelist_create
nodeupdown_perror alias for nodeupdown_errnum
nodeupdown_strerror alias for nodeupdown_errnum
nodeupdown_up_count return the number of nodes that are up or down