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Package libnbd

NBD client library in userspace


NBD — Network Block Device — is a protocol for accessing Block Devices
(hard disks and disk-like things) over a Network.

This is the NBD client library in userspace, a simple library for
writing NBD clients.

The key features are:

 * Synchronous and asynchronous APIs, both for ease of use and for
   writing non-blocking, multithreaded clients.

 * High performance.

 * Minimal dependencies for the basic library.

 * Well-documented, stable API.

 * Bindings in several programming languages.

Version: 1.20.0

See also: libnbd-devel.

General Commands

nbdcopy copy to and from an NBD server
nbddump hexdump the content of a disk over NBD
nbdinfo display information and metadata about NBD servers and exports