Package libmseed-devel

A C library framework for manipulating and managing SEED data records

Development files for libmseed library.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
ms_bigendianhost Determine host computer byte order
ms_doy2md Convert between day of year and month and day of month
ms_find_reclen Determine SEED record data length
ms_genfactmult Generate SEED sample rate factor and multiplier
ms_gswap Generalized, in-place byte swapping routines
ms_intro Introduction to libmseed
ms_log Central logging facility for libmseed
ms_lookup Look up libmseed and Mini-SEED related information
ms_parse_raw Parse, validate and print details of a SEED data record
msr_addblockette Add a blockette to the blockette chain of an MSRecord structure
msr_duplicate Duplicate an MSRecord structure
ms_readleapseconds Read a leap second file into a global buffer
ms_readmsr Read Mini-SEED data from files
msr_host_latency Calculate latency between last sample in a Mini-SEED record and the host...
msr_init Initializing and freeing MSRecord and related structures
msr_normalize_header Normalize or synchronize the header fields of an MSRecord structure.
msr_pack Packing of Mini-SEED records.
msr_parse Detect and parse a SEED data record from a memory buffer
msr_print Printing of Mini-SEED record header values.
msr_samprate Determine sample rate from an MSRecord structure
msr_starttime Start and end time determination for MSRecord structures
msr_unpack Unpacking of Mini-SEED records.
ms_selection Routines to manage and use data selection lists.
ms_splitsrcname Split source names into the SEED naming nomenclature.
ms_srcname Determine source names using the SEED naming nomenclature.
ms_strncpclean Non-standard string copying
mst_addmsr Add time coverage and data samples to MSTrace structures
mst_convertsamples Convert data samples between numeric types
mst_findmatch Searching a MSTraceGroup for specific MSTrace structures.
mst_groupsort Manipulate MSTrace segments in a MSTraceGroup
ms_time Time conversion and string generation
mst_init Initializing and freeing MSTrace and MSTraceGroup structures
mstl_addmsr Adding MSRecord data coverage to and MSTraceList structure
mstl_init Initializing and freeing MSTraceList structures
mstl_printtracelist Printing of MSTrace information.
mst_pack Packing of Mini-SEED records from MSTrace segments.
mst_printtracelist Printing of MSTrace information.
ms_writemseed Write Mini-SEED records to files.