Package libmawk-devel

Development files for libmawk

The libmawk-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libmawk.

Version: 1.0.3

See also: libmawk.

Library Functions

libmawk_append_input.3libmawk append a string to an input buffer
libmawk_call_function.3libmawk call an user defined (script) function
libmawk_cell_destroy.3libmawk free all memory associated with a cell
libmawk_get_var.3libmawk returns a pointer to a mawk variable
libmawk_initialize.3libmawk create a new libmawk context
libmawk_initialize_stage.3libmawk create a new libmawk context in 3 stages
libmawk_register_function.3libmawk registers a C function with a callback
libmawk_run_main.3libmawk run main parts of a script
libmawk_set_cell.3libmawk set the value of a mawk cell.
libmawk_uninitialize.3libmawk destroy a libmawk context


example.7libmawk how to use the library