Package liblouis-utils

Command-line utilities to test liblouis

Six test programs are provided as part of the liblouis package. They
are intended for testing liblouis and for debugging tables. None of
them is suitable for braille transcription.

Version: 3.28.0

General Commands

lou_allround Test every capability of the liblouis library
lou_checkhyphens Check the accuracy of hyphenation in liblouis Braille translation tables
lou_checktable Test a liblouis Braille translation table
lou_checkyaml A tool to check Braille tests defined in a YAML file
lou_debug A debugger for liblouis Braille translation tables
lou_tableinfo A tool to query meta data from a liblouis Braille translation table
lou_trace A tool to list all the rules that were used for a Braille translation
lou_translate A Braille translator for large scale testing of liblouis Braille translation tables