Package liblo-devel

Libraries, includes, etc to develop liblo applications

Libraries, include files, etc you can use to develop liblo
based Open Sound Control applications.

Library Functions

liblo Defines the high-level API functions necessary to implement OSC support. Should be adequate for most applications, but if you require lower level control you…
liblocpp This is a header-only C++11 wrapper defining a set of classes that wrap liblo functionality in an object-oriented way.
liblolowlevel Use these functions if you require more precise control over OSC message contruction or handling that what is provided in the high-level functions described in…
lo.h lo.h
lo_Address Class representing an OSC destination address, proxy for lo_address.
lo_Blob Class representing an OSC blob, proxy for lo_blob.
lo_Bundle Class representing an OSC bundle, proxy for lo_bundle.
lo_Message Class representing an OSC message, proxy for lo_message.
lo_Method Class representing an OSC method, proxy for lo_method.
lo_PathMsg Class representing an OSC path (std::string) and lo::Message pair.
lo_Server Class representing a local OSC server, proxy for lo_server.
lo_ServerThread Class representing a server thread, proxy for lo_server_thread.
lo_arg Union used to read values from incoming messages.
lo_cpp.h lo_cpp.h
lo_lowlevel.h lo_lowlevel.h
lo_osc_types.h lo_osc_types.h
lo_serverthread.h lo_serverthread.h
lo_timetag A structure to store OSC TimeTag values.
lo_types.h lo_types.h
pp These functions all print an ASCII representation of their argument to stdout. Useful for debugging.