Package liblo-devel

Libraries, includes, etc to develop liblo applications

Libraries, include files, etc you can use to develop liblo
based Open Sound Control applications.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
liblo Defines the high-level API functions necessary to implement OSC support. Should...
liblocpp This is a header-only C++11 wrapper defining a set of classes that wrap liblo...
liblolowlevel Use these functions if you require more precise control over OSC message...
lo.h lo.h
lo_Address Class representing an OSC destination address, proxy for lo_address.
lo_Blob Class representing an OSC blob, proxy for lo_blob.
lo_Bundle Class representing an OSC bundle, proxy for lo_bundle.
lo_Message Class representing an OSC message, proxy for lo_message.
lo_Method Class representing an OSC method, proxy for lo_method.
lo_PathMsg Class representing an OSC path (std::string) and lo::Message pair.
lo_Server Class representing a local OSC server, proxy for lo_server.
lo_ServerThread Class representing a server thread, proxy for lo_server_thread.
lo_arg Union used to read values from incoming messages.
lo_cpp.h lo_cpp.h
lo_lowlevel.h lo_lowlevel.h
lo_osc_types.h lo_osc_types.h
lo_serverthread.h lo_serverthread.h
lo_timetag A structure to store OSC TimeTag values.
lo_types.h lo_types.h
pp These functions all print an ASCII representation of their argument to stdout...