Package libknet1-devel

Kronosnet core switching implementation (developer files)

 The whole kronosnet core is implemented in this library.
 Please refer to the not-yet-existing documentation for further

Library Functions

knet_addrtostr Convert an address to a host name.
knet_get_compress_list Get a list of support compression types.
knet_get_crypto_list Get a list of supported crypto libraries.
knet_get_transport_id_by_name Get a transport ID from its name.
knet_get_transport_list Get a list of the transports support by this build of knet.
knet_get_transport_name_by_id Get a transport name from its ID number.
knet_handle_add_datafd Install a file descriptor for communication.
knet_handle_clear_stats Clear knet stats, link and/or handle.
knet_handle_compress Set up packet compression.
knet_handle_crypto set up packet cryptographic signing & encryption
knet_handle_enable_access_lists Enable or disable usage of access lists (default: off)
knet_handle_enable_filter install a filter to route packets
knet_handle_enable_pmtud_notify install a callback to receive PMTUd changes
knet_handle_enable_sock_notify Register a callback to receive socket events.
knet_handle_free Destroy a knet handle, free all resources.
knet_handle_get_channel Get the channel associated with a file descriptor.
knet_handle_get_datafd Get the file descriptor associated with a channel.
knet_handle_get_stats Get statistics for compression & crypto.
knet_handle_get_transport_reconnect_interval Get the interval between transport attempts to reconnect a failed link.
knet_handle_new knet_handle_new_ex with flags = KNET_HANDLE_FLAG_PRIVILEGED.
knet_handle_new_ex create a new instance of a knet handle
knet_handle_pmtud_get Get the current data MTU.
knet_handle_pmtud_getfreq Get the interval between PMTUd scans.
knet_handle_pmtud_set Set the current interface MTU.
knet_handle_pmtud_setfreq Set the interval between PMTUd scans.
knet_handle_remove_datafd Remove a file descriptor from knet.
knet_handle_set_transport_reconnect_interval Set the interval between transport attempts to reconnect a failed link.
knet_handle_setfwd Start packet forwarding.
knet_host_add Add a new host ID to knet.
knet_host_enable_status_change_notify Install a callback to get host status change events.
knet_host_get_host_list Get a list of hosts known to knet.
knet_host_get_id_by_host_name Get the ID of a host given its name.
knet_host_get_name_by_host_id Get the name of a host given its ID.
knet_host_get_policy Get the switching policy for a host's links.
knet_host_get_status Get the status of a host.
knet_host_remove Remove a host ID from knet.
knet_host_set_name Set the name of a knet host.
knet_host_set_policy Set the switching policy for a host's links.
knet_link_add_acl Add access list entry to an open link.
knet_link_clear_acl Remove all access list entries from an open link.
knet_link_clear_config Clear link information and disconnect the link.
knet_link_get_config Get the link configutation information.
knet_link_get_enable Find out whether a link is enabled or not.
knet_link_get_link_list Get a list of links connecting a host.
knet_link_get_ping_timers Get the ping timers for a link.
knet_link_get_pong_count Get the pong count for a link.
knet_link_get_priority Get the priority for a link.
knet_link_get_status Get the status (and statistics) for a link.
knet_link_insert_acl Insert access list entry to an open link at given index.
knet_link_rm_acl Remove access list entry from an open link.
knet_link_set_config Configure the link to a host.
knet_link_set_enable Enable traffic on a link.
knet_link_set_ping_timers Set the ping timers for a link.
knet_link_set_pong_count Set the pong count for a link.
knet_link_set_priority Set the priority for a link.
knet_log_get_loglevel Get the logging level for a subsystem.
knet_log_get_loglevel_id Get a logging level ID from its name.
knet_log_get_loglevel_name Get a logging level name from its numeric ID.
knet_log_get_subsystem_id Get a logging system ID from its name.
knet_log_get_subsystem_name Get a logging system name from its numeric ID.
knet_log_set_loglevel Set the logging level for a subsystem.
knet_recv Receive data from knet nodes.
knet_send Send data to knet nodes.
knet_send_sync Synchronously send data to knet nodes.
knet_strtoaddr Convert a hostname string to an address.