Package libimobiledevice-utils

Utilites for libimobiledevice

Utilites for use with libimobiledevice.

Version: 1.3.0

General Commands

idevice_id List attached devices or print device name of given device.
idevicebackup Create or restore backup for devices.
idevicebackup2 Create or restore backups for devices running iOS 4 or later.
idevicecrashreport Retrieve crash reports from a device.
idevicedate Display the current date or set it on a device.
idevicedebug Interact with the debugserver service of a device.
idevicedebugserverproxy Remote debugging proxy.
idevicediagnostics Interact with the diagnostics interface of a device.
ideviceenterrecovery Make a device enter recovery mode.
ideviceimagemounter Mount disk images on the device.
ideviceinfo Show information about the first connected device.
idevicename Display the device name or set it to NAME if specified.
idevicenotificationproxy Post or observe notifications on a device.
idevicepair Manage host pairings with devices and usbmuxd.
ideviceprovision Manage provisioning profiles on a device.
idevicescreenshot Gets a screenshot from the connected device.
idevicesetlocation Simulate location on iOS device.
idevicesyslog Relay syslog of a connected device.