Package libieee1284-devel

Files for developing applications that use libieee1284

The header files, static library, libtool library and man pages for
developing applications that use libieee1284.

Version: 0.2.11

Library Functions

ieee1284_byte_read alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_claim claim access to the port
ieee1284_close close an open port
ieee1284_compat_write alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_data_dir alias for ieee1284_read_data
ieee1284_do_nack_handshake alias for ieee1284_read_control
ieee1284_ecp_fwd_to_rev ECP direction switching
ieee1284_ecp_read_addr alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_ecp_read_data alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_ecp_rev_to_fwd alias for ieee1284_ecp_fwd_to_rev
ieee1284_ecp_write_addr alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_ecp_write_data alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_epp_read_addr alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_epp_read_data alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_epp_write_addr alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_epp_write_data alias for ieee1284_nibble_read
ieee1284_find_ports find ports on the system
ieee1284_free_ports safely deallocate a port list
ieee1284_frob_control alias for ieee1284_read_control
ieee1284_get_deviceid retrieve an IEEE 1284 Device ID
ieee1284_get_irq_fd interrupt notification
ieee1284_negotiate IEEE 1284 negotiation
ieee1284_nibble_read data transfer functions
ieee1284_open open a port
ieee1284_read_control manipulate control lines
ieee1284_read_data control the data lines
ieee1284_read_status analyse status lines
ieee1284_ref modify a port's reference count
ieee1284_release release a port
ieee1284_set_timeout modify inactivity timeout
ieee1284_terminate alias for ieee1284_negotiate
ieee1284_unref alias for ieee1284_ref
ieee1284_wait_data alias for ieee1284_read_data
ieee1284_wait_status alias for ieee1284_read_status
ieee1284_write_control alias for ieee1284_read_control
ieee1284_write_data alias for ieee1284_read_data
libieee1284 IEEE1284 communications library
parport representation of a parallel port
parport_list a collection of parallel ports