Package libguestfs-tools-c

System administration tools for virtual machines

This package contains miscellaneous system administrator command line
tools for virtual machines.

Note that you should install libguestfs-tools (which pulls in
this package). This package is only used directly when you want
to avoid dependencies on Perl.

See also: libguestfs, libguestfs-benchmarking, libguestfs-devel, libguestfs-gobject-devel, libguestfs-tools.

General Commands
Command Description
guestfish the guest filesystem shell
guestmount Mount a guest filesystem on the host using FUSE and libguestfs
guestunmount Unmount a guestmounted filesystem
virt-alignment-scan Check alignment of virtual machine partitions
virt-builder Build virtual machine images quickly
virt-builder-repository Build virt-builder source repository easily
virt-cat Display files in a virtual machine
virt-copy-in Copy files and directories into a virtual machine disk image.
virt-copy-out Copy files and directories out of a virtual machine disk image.
virt-customize Customize a virtual machine
virt-df Display free space on virtual filesystems
virt-diff Differences between files in two virtual machines
virt-edit Edit a file in a virtual machine
virt-filesystems List filesystems, partitions, block devices, LVM in a virtual machine or disk...
virt-format Erase and make a blank disk
virt-get-kernel Extract kernel and ramdisk from guests
virt-index-validate Validate virt-builder index file
virt-inspector Display operating system version and other information about a virtual machine
virt-log Display log files from a virtual machine
virt-ls List files in a virtual machine
virt-make-fs Make a filesystem from a tar archive or files
virt-rescue Run a rescue shell on a virtual machine
virt-resize Resize a virtual machine disk
virt-sparsify Make a virtual machine disk sparse
virt-sysprep Reset, unconfigure or customize a virtual machine so clones can be made
virt-tail Follow (tail) files in a virtual machine
virt-tar-in Unpack a tarball into a virtual machine disk image.
virt-tar-out Pack a virtual machine disk image directory into a tarball.
File Formats
File Description
libguestfs-tools.conf configuration file for guestfish, guestmount, virt-rescue