Package libguestfs-tools-c

System administration tools for virtual machines

This package contains miscellaneous system administrator command line
tools for virtual machines.

Note that you should install libguestfs-tools (which pulls in
this package). This package is only used directly when you want
to avoid dependencies on Perl.

General Commands
Command Description
guestfish the guest filesystem shell
guestmount Mount a guest filesystem on the host using FUSE and libguestfs
guestunmount Unmount a guestmounted filesystem
virt-alignment-scan Check alignment of virtual machine partitions
virt-builder Build virtual machine images quickly
virt-builder-repository Build virt-builder source repository easily
virt-cat Display files in a virtual machine
virt-copy-in Copy files and directories into a virtual machine disk image.
virt-copy-out Copy files and directories out of a virtual machine disk image.
virt-customize Customize a virtual machine
virt-df Display free space on virtual filesystems
virt-diff Differences between files in two virtual machines
virt-edit Edit a file in a virtual machine
virt-filesystems List filesystems, partitions, block devices, LVM in a virtual machine or disk...
virt-format Erase and make a blank disk
virt-get-kernel Extract kernel and ramdisk from guests
virt-index-validate Validate virt-builder index file
virt-inspector Display operating system version and other information about a virtual machine
virt-log Display log files from a virtual machine
virt-ls List files in a virtual machine
virt-make-fs Make a filesystem from a tar archive or files
virt-rescue Run a rescue shell on a virtual machine
virt-resize Resize a virtual machine disk
virt-sparsify Make a virtual machine disk sparse
virt-sysprep Reset, unconfigure or customize a virtual machine so clones can be made
virt-tail Follow (tail) files in a virtual machine
virt-tar-in Unpack a tarball into a virtual machine disk image.
virt-tar-out Pack a virtual machine disk image directory into a tarball.
File Formats
File Description
libguestfs-tools.conf configuration file for guestfish, guestmount, virt-rescue