Package libguestfs-devel

Development tools and libraries for libguestfs

libguestfs-devel contains development tools and libraries
for libguestfs.

General Commands (Section 1)
This manual page describes how to build libguestfs from source.
This manual page is for hackers who want to extend libguestfs itself.
This manual page is for hackers who want to understand how libguestfs works internally. This is just a description of how libguestfs works now, and it may...
This page has manual tests you can try on libguestfs. Everyone has a slightly different combination of platform, hardware and guests, so this testing is very...
libguestfs-make-fixed-appliance lets you make a pre-built binary appliance for libguestfs. Note that ordinary users should not need to run this tool.
Library Functions (Section 3)
Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying disk images and virtual machines. This manual page documents the C API. If you are looking for an...
This manual page contains examples of calling libguestfs from the C programming language. If you are not familiar with using libguestfs, you also need to read...