Package libgenders-devel

Genders development libraries

Genders development headers and libraries for C.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
genders_errnum genders error routines
genders_getattr get attributes from a genders file
genders_getattr_all get all the attributes stored in a genders file
genders_getnodename get the current node name
genders_getnodes get nodes from the genders file
genders_getnumnodes genders statistics routines
genders_handle_create create a genders handle
genders_handle_destroy destroys a genders handle
genders_index_attrvals internally index attribute values in genders
genders_isnode node, attribute, value check routines
genders_load_data read and parse a genders file
genders_nodelist_create list create, clear, and destroy routines
genders_parse determine errors with a genders file
genders_query query genders database for a set of nodes
genders_testattr test if a node has an attribute
genders_testquery query genders database for a set of nodes