Package libftdi-devel

Header files and static libraries for libftdi

Library Functions
Library Function Description
Ftdi Ftdi
ftdi.c ftdi.c
ftdi_context Main context structure for all libftdi functions.
Ftdi_Context FTDI device context. Represents single FTDI device context.
Ftdi_Context_Private Ftdi::Context::Private
ftdi.cpp ftdi.cpp
ftdi_device_list list of usb devices created by ftdi_usb_find_all()
ftdi_eeprom FTDI eeprom structure.
Ftdi_Eeprom Device EEPROM.
Ftdi_Eeprom_Private Ftdi::Eeprom::Private
ftdi.h ftdi.h
ftdi.hpp ftdi.hpp
ftdi_i.h ftdi_i.h
Ftdi_List Device list.
Ftdi_List_Private Ftdi::List::Private
FTDIProgressInfo FTDIProgressInfo
ftdi_stream.c ftdi_stream.c
FTDIStreamState FTDIStreamState
ftdi_transfer_control ftdi_transfer_control
ftdi_version_info ftdi_version_info
libftdi libftdi
size_and_time Progress Info for streaming read.