Package libfabric-devel

Development files for libfabric

The libfabric-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libfabric.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
fi_atomic Remote atomic functions
fi_av Address vector operations
fi_cm Connection management operations
fi_cntr Completion and event counter operations
fi_control Perform an operation on a fabric resource.
fi_cq Completion queue operations
fi_domain Open a fabric access domain
fi_endpoint Fabric endpoint operations
fi_eq Event queue operations
fi_errno fabric errors
fi_fabric Fabric domain operations
fi_getinfo Obtain / free fabric interface information
fi_mr Memory region operations
fi_msg Message data transfer operations
fi_nic Fabric network interface card attributes
fi_poll Polling and wait set operations
fi_rma Remote memory access operations
fi_tagged Tagged data transfer operations
fi_trigger Triggered operations
fi_version Version of the library interfaces
Name Description
fabric Fabric Interface Library
fi_direct Direct fabric provider access
fi_hook The Hook Fabric Provider Utility
fi_mrail The Multi-Rail Utility Provider
fi_provider Fabric Interface Providers
fi_psm The PSM Fabric Provider
fi_psm2 The PSM2 Fabric Provider
fi_rstream fi_rstream
fi_rxm The RxM (RDM over MSG) Utility Provider
fi_shm The SHM Fabric Provider
fi_sockets The Sockets Fabric Provider
fi_tcp The msg sockets Fabric Provider
fi_udp The UDP Fabric Provider
fi_usnic The usNIC Fabric Provider
fi_verbs The Verbs Fabric Provider