Package libfabric

Open Fabric Interfaces

OpenFabrics Interfaces (OFI) is a framework focused on exporting fabric
communication services to applications. OFI is best described as a collection
of libraries and applications used to export fabric services. The key
components of OFI are: application interfaces, provider libraries, kernel
services, daemons, and test applications.

Libfabric is a core component of OFI. It is the library that defines and
exports the user-space API of OFI, and is typically the only software that
applications deal with directly. It works in conjunction with provider
libraries, which are often integrated directly into libfabric.

See also: libfabric-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
fi_info Simple utility to query for fabric interfaces
fi_pingpong Quick and simple pingpong test for libfabric
fi_strerror display libfabric error strings