Package libeXosip2-devel

Development files for libeXosip2

Version: 3.6.0

Library Functions

eX_call.h eXosip call API
eX_message.h eXosip request API
eX_options.h eXosip options request API
eX_publish.h eXosip publish request API
eX_refer.h eXosip transfer outside of calls API
eX_register.h eXosip registration API
eX_setup.h eXosip setup API
eX_subscribe.h eXosip subscribe request API
eXosip.h eXosip API
eXosip2_authentication eXosip2 authentication API
eXosip2_call eXosip2 INVITE and Call Management
eXosip2_conf eXosip2 configuration API
eXosip2_event eXosip2 event API
eXosip2_faq FAQ
eXosip2_message eXosip2 request outside of dialog
eXosip2_network eXosip2 network API
eXosip2_notify eXosip2 SUBSCRIBE and incoming subscriptions
eXosip2_options eXosip2 OPTIONS and UA capabilities Management
eXosip2_publish eXosip2 Publication Management
eXosip2_refer eXosip2 REFER and blind tranfer Management outside of calls
eXosip2_registration eXosip2 REGISTER and Registration Management
eXosip2_sdp eXosip2 SDP helper API.
eXosip2_subscribe eXosip2 SUBSCRIBE and outgoing subscriptions
eXosip_event eXosip_event
eXosip_tls_credentials_s eXosip_tls_credentials_s
eXosip_tls_ctx_s eXosip_tls_ctx_s
howto0_initialize How-To initialize libeXosip2.
howto1_initialize How-To initiate, modify or terminate calls.
howto2_registration How-To send or update registrations.