Package libdv-tools

Basic tools to manipulate Digital Video streams

This package contains some basic programs to display and encode
digital video streams. This programs uses the Quasar DV codec (libdv),
a software codec for DV video, the encoding format used by most
digital camcorders, typically those that support the IEEE 1394
(a.k.a. FireWire or i.Link) interface.
General Commands (Section 1)
dubdv reads the audio from a WAV file or the OSS DSP device and overwrites the existing audio in a raw DV file or stream.
dvconnect captures raw DV streams from or sends raw DV streams to the Linux IEEE 1394 video1394 device.
encodedv takes a series of images in PPM/PGM/video format and optionally an audio stream and compiles them into a DV-encoded video stream. pattern specifies...
playdv reads in DV-encoded video data from file and displays it on screen.