Package libdmmp-devel

device-mapper-multipath C API library headers

This package contains the files needed to develop applications that use
device-mapper-multipath's libdmmp C API library

Version: 0.9.7

Library Functions

dmmp_context_free Release the memory of struct dmmp_context.
dmmp_context_log_func_set Set log handler function.
dmmp_context_log_priority_get Get log priority.
dmmp_context_log_priority_set Set log priority.
dmmp_context_new Create struct dmmp_context.
dmmp_context_timeout_get Get IPC timeout.
dmmp_context_timeout_set Set IPC timeout.
dmmp_context_userdata_get Get user data pointer.
dmmp_context_userdata_set Set user data pointer.
dmmp_flush_mpath Flush specified multipath device map if unused.
dmmp_last_error_msg Retrieves the last error message.
dmmp_log_priority_str Convert log priority to string.
dmmp_mpath_array_free Free 'struct dmmp_mpath' pointer array.
dmmp_mpath_array_get Query all existing multipath devices.
dmmp_mpath_kdev_name_get Retrieve kernel DEVNAME of certain mpath.
dmmp_mpath_name_get Retrieve name(alias) of certain mpath.
dmmp_mpath_wwid_get Retrieve WWID of certain mpath.
dmmp_path_array_get Retrieve path pointer array.
dmmp_path_blk_name_get Retrieve block name.
dmmp_path_group_array_get Retrieve path groups pointer array.
dmmp_path_group_id_get Retrieve path group ID.
dmmp_path_group_priority_get Retrieve path group priority.
dmmp_path_group_selector_get Retrieve path group selector.
dmmp_path_group_status_get Retrieve path group status.
dmmp_path_group_status_str Convert path group status to string.
dmmp_path_status_get Retrieve the path status.
dmmp_path_status_str Convert path status to string.
dmmp_reconfig Instruct multipathd daemon to do reconfiguration.
dmmp_strerror Convert error code to string.
libdmmp.h Device Mapper Multipath API.