Package libdc1394-tools

Tools for use with libdc1394

This package contains tools that are useful when working and
developing with libdc1394.

General Commands (Section 1)
Get one image using libdc1394 and store it as a portable pix map (ppm) image.
Get one gray image using libdc1394 and store it in portable grayscale map format in Image.pgm
Grab partial image from camera. Camera must be format 7 (scalable image size) compatible. The image will be stored as a Portable Grayscale map in Part.pgm.
View format0-only camera video from one or more cameras.
Finds the 1394 bus of the first camera found and resets it
Sends format0 640x480 RGB to the vloopback input device so that it can be consumed by V4L applications on the vloopback output device.