Package libcoap-utils

Client and server CoAP utilities

Utilities for working with libcoap.

Version: 4.3.0

File Formats

coap-client CoAP Client based on libcoap
coap-client-gnutls alias for coap-client
coap-client-mbedtls alias for coap-client
coap-client-notls alias for coap-client
coap-client-openssl alias for coap-client
coap-rd A CoAP Resource Directory based on libcoap
coap-rd-gnutls alias for coap-rd
coap-rd-mbedtls alias for coap-rd
coap-rd-notls alias for coap-rd
coap-rd-openssl alias for coap-rd
coap-server CoAP Server based on libcoap
coap-server-gnutls alias for coap-server
coap-server-mbedtls alias for coap-server
coap-server-notls alias for coap-server
coap-server-openssl alias for coap-server