Package libcoap-devel

Development package for libcoap

Files for development with libcoap.

Version: 4.2.1

Library Functions

coap_add_attr alias for coap_attribute
coap_add_data alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_data_blocked_response alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_option alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_optlist_pdu alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_resource alias for coap_resource
coap_add_token alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_attribute Work with CoAP attributes
coap_context Work with CoAP contexts
coap_context_get_coap_fd alias for coap_io
coap_context_set_keepalive alias for coap_keepalive
coap_context_set_pki alias for coap_context
coap_context_set_pki_root_cas alias for coap_context
coap_context_set_psk alias for coap_context
coap_debug_set_packet_loss alias for coap_recovery
coap_delete_all_resources alias for coap_resource
coap_delete_observer alias for coap_observe
coap_delete_observers alias for coap_observe
coap_delete_optlist alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_delete_resource alias for coap_resource
coap_dtls_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_dtls_pki_t alias for coap_encryption
coap_encode_var_bytes alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_encryption Work with CoAP tls/dtls
coap_endpoint_set_default_mtu alias for coap_context
coap_endpoint_str alias for coap_logging
coap_find_attr alias for coap_attribute
coap_find_observer alias for coap_observe
coap_free_context alias for coap_context
coap_free_endpoint alias for coap_context
coap_get_log_level alias for coap_logging
coap_get_tls_library_version alias for coap_tls_library
coap_handler work with CoAP handlers
coap_insert_optlist alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_io Work with CoAP I/O to do the packet send and receives
coap_keepalive work with CoAP keepalive
coap_log alias for coap_logging
coap_logging Work with CoAP logging
coap_new_client_session alias for coap_session
coap_new_client_session_pki alias for coap_session
coap_new_client_session_psk alias for coap_session
coap_new_context alias for coap_context
coap_new_endpoint alias for coap_context
coap_new_optlist alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_observe work with CoAP observe
coap_package_name alias for coap_logging
coap_package_version alias for coap_logging
coap_pdu_init alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_pdu_setup Work with CoAP PDUs
coap_recovery Work with CoAP packet transmissions
coap_register_event_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_nack_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_ping_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_pong_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_response_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_resource Work with CoAP resources
coap_resource_get_uri_path alias for coap_observe
coap_resource_init alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_notify_observers alias for coap_observe
coap_resource_set_get_observable alias for coap_observe
coap_resource_set_mode alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_unknown_init alias for coap_resource
coap_run_once alias for coap_io
coap_session Work with CoAP sessions
coap_session_get_ack_random_factor alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_ack_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_app_data alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_max_transmit alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_max_pdu_size alias for coap_session
coap_session_reference alias for coap_session
coap_session_release alias for coap_session
coap_session_set_ack_random_factor alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_ack_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_app_data alias for coap_session
coap_session_set_max_retransmit alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_mtu alias for coap_session
coap_session_str alias for coap_logging
coap_set_log_handler alias for coap_logging
coap_set_log_level alias for coap_logging
coap_set_show_pdu_output alias for coap_logging
coap_show_pdu alias for coap_logging
coap_show_tls_version alias for coap_tls_library
coap_split_path alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_split_query alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_string_tls_version alias for coap_tls_library
coap_tls_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_tls_library Work with CoAP contexts