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Package libcoap-devel

Development package for libcoap


Files for development with libcoap.

Version: 4.3.4a

Library Functions

coap_add_attr alias for coap_attribute
coap_add_data alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_data_blocked_response alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_data_large_request alias for coap_block
coap_add_data_large_response alias for coap_block
coap_add_option alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_optlist_pdu alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_add_resource alias for coap_resource
coap_add_token alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_address Work with CoAP Socket Address Types
coap_address_copy alias for coap_address
coap_address_equals alias for coap_address
coap_address_get_port alias for coap_address
coap_address_init alias for coap_address
coap_address_set_port alias for coap_address
coap_address_set_unix_domain alias for coap_address
coap_address_t alias for coap_address
coap_async Work with CoAP async support
coap_async_get_app_data alias for coap_async
coap_async_is_supported alias for coap_async
coap_async_set_app_data alias for coap_async
coap_async_set_delay alias for coap_async
coap_async_trigger alias for coap_async
coap_attr_get_value alias for coap_attribute
coap_attribute Work with CoAP attributes
coap_binary_equal alias for coap_string
coap_block Work with CoAP Blocks
coap_block_build_body alias for coap_block
coap_cache Work with CoAP cache functions
coap_cache_derive_key alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_derive_key_w_ignore alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_get_app_data alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_get_by_key alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_get_by_pdu alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_get_pdu alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_ignore_options alias for coap_cache
coap_cache_set_app_data alias for coap_cache
coap_can_exit alias for coap_io
coap_cancel_observe alias for coap_observe
coap_check_option alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_cleanup alias for coap_init
coap_clear_event_handler alias for coap_deprecated
coap_clone_uri alias for coap_uri
coap_context Work with CoAP contexts
coap_context_get_coap_fd alias for coap_io
coap_context_get_csm_timeout alias for coap_context
coap_context_get_max_handshake_sessions alias for coap_context
coap_context_get_max_idle_sessions alias for coap_context
coap_context_get_session_timeout alias for coap_context
coap_context_oscore_server alias for coap_oscore
coap_context_set_block_mode alias for coap_block
coap_context_set_csm_timeout alias for coap_context
coap_context_set_keepalive alias for coap_keepalive
coap_context_set_max_handshake_sessions alias for coap_context
coap_context_set_max_idle_sessions alias for coap_context
coap_context_set_max_token_size alias for coap_context
coap_context_set_pki alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_context_set_pki_root_cas alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_context_set_psk alias for coap_deprecated
coap_context_set_psk2 alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_context_set_session_timeout alias for coap_context
coap_debug_set_packet_loss alias for coap_recovery
coap_decode_var_bytes alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_decode_var_bytes8 alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_delete_bin_const alias for coap_string
coap_delete_binary alias for coap_string
coap_delete_cache_entry alias for coap_cache
coap_delete_cache_key alias for coap_cache
coap_delete_optlist alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_delete_oscore_conf alias for coap_oscore
coap_delete_oscore_recipient alias for coap_oscore
coap_delete_resource alias for coap_resource
coap_delete_str_const alias for coap_string
coap_delete_string alias for coap_string
coap_delete_uri alias for coap_uri
coap_deprecated Work with CoAP deprecated functions
coap_dtls_cpsk_t alias for coap_encryption
coap_dtls_get_log_level alias for coap_logging
coap_dtls_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_dtls_log alias for coap_logging
coap_dtls_pkcs11_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_dtls_pki_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_dtls_pki_t alias for coap_encryption
coap_dtls_psk_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_dtls_rpk_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_dtls_set_log_level alias for coap_logging
coap_dtls_spsk_t alias for coap_encryption
coap_encode_var_bytes alias for coap_deprecated
coap_encode_var_safe alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_encode_var_safe8 alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_encryption Work with CoAP TLS/DTLS
coap_endpoint_client Work with CoAP client endpoints
coap_endpoint_server Work with CoAP server endpoints
coap_endpoint_set_default_mtu alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_endpoint_str alias for coap_logging
coap_find_async alias for coap_async
coap_find_attr alias for coap_attribute
coap_free_address_info alias for coap_address
coap_free_async alias for coap_async
coap_free_context alias for coap_context
coap_free_endpoint alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_get_available_scheme_hint_bits alias for coap_address
coap_get_data alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_get_data_large alias for coap_block
coap_get_log_level alias for coap_logging
coap_get_tls_library_version alias for coap_tls_library
coap_get_uri_path alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_handler Work with CoAP handlers
coap_host_is_unix_domain alias for coap_address
coap_init Work with CoAP initialization
coap_insert_optlist alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_io Work with CoAP I/O to do the packet send and receives
coap_io_do_epoll alias for coap_io
coap_io_do_io alias for coap_io
coap_io_pending alias for coap_io
coap_io_prepare_epoll alias for coap_io
coap_io_prepare_io alias for coap_io
coap_io_process alias for coap_io
coap_io_process_with_fds alias for coap_io
coap_is_af_unix alias for coap_address
coap_is_bcast alias for coap_address
coap_is_mcast alias for coap_address
coap_join_mcast_group_intf alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_keepalive Work with CoAP keepalive
coap_log alias for coap_logging
coap_log_alert alias for coap_logging
coap_log_crit alias for coap_logging
coap_log_debug alias for coap_logging
coap_log_emerg alias for coap_logging
coap_log_err alias for coap_logging
coap_log_info alias for coap_logging
coap_log_notice alias for coap_logging
coap_log_oscore alias for coap_logging
coap_log_warn alias for coap_logging
coap_logging Work with CoAP logging
coap_lwip Work with CoAP lwip specific API handler
coap_lwip_dump_memory_pools alias for coap_lwip
coap_lwip_set_input_wait_handler alias for coap_lwip
coap_make_str_const alias for coap_string
coap_mcast_per_resource alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_new_bin_const alias for coap_string
coap_new_binary alias for coap_string
coap_new_cache_entry alias for coap_cache
coap_new_client_session alias for coap_endpoint_client
coap_new_client_session_oscore alias for coap_oscore
coap_new_client_session_oscore_pki alias for coap_oscore
coap_new_client_session_oscore_psk alias for coap_oscore
coap_new_client_session_pki alias for coap_endpoint_client
coap_new_client_session_psk alias for coap_deprecated
coap_new_client_session_psk2 alias for coap_endpoint_client
coap_new_context alias for coap_context
coap_new_endpoint alias for coap_endpoint_server
coap_new_message_id alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_new_optlist alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_new_oscore_conf alias for coap_oscore
coap_new_oscore_recipient alias for coap_oscore
coap_new_pdu alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_new_str_const alias for coap_string
coap_new_string alias for coap_string
coap_new_uri alias for coap_uri
coap_observe Work with CoAP observe
coap_opt_length alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_opt_value alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_clrb alias for coap_deprecated
coap_option_filter_clear alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_filter_get alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_filter_set alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_filter_unset alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_getb alias for coap_deprecated
coap_option_iterator_init alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_next alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_option_setb alias for coap_deprecated
coap_oscore Work with CoAP OSCORE
coap_oscore_is_supported alias for coap_oscore
coap_package_build alias for coap_logging
coap_package_name alias for coap_logging
coap_package_version alias for coap_logging
coap_pdu_access Accessing CoAP PDUs
coap_pdu_get_code alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_pdu_get_mid alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_pdu_get_token alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_pdu_get_type alias for coap_pdu_access
coap_pdu_init alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_pdu_set_code alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_pdu_set_mid alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_pdu_set_type alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_pdu_setup Setting up CoAP PDUs
coap_persist Work with CoAP persist support
coap_persist_observe_add alias for coap_persist
coap_persist_set_observe_num alias for coap_persist
coap_persist_startup alias for coap_persist
coap_persist_stop alias for coap_persist
coap_persist_track_funcs alias for coap_persist
coap_print_addr alias for coap_logging
coap_print_ip_addr alias for coap_logging
coap_q_block_is_supported alias for coap_block
coap_read alias for coap_deprecated
coap_recovery Work with CoAP packet transmissions
coap_register_async alias for coap_async
coap_register_event_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_handler alias for coap_deprecated
coap_register_nack_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_ping_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_pong_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_request_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_register_response_handler alias for coap_handler
coap_resize_binary alias for coap_string
coap_resolve_address_info alias for coap_address
coap_resource Work with CoAP resources
coap_resource_get_uri_path alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_get_userdata alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_init alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_notify_observers alias for coap_observe
coap_resource_proxy_uri_init alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_proxy_uri_init2 alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_release_userdata_handler alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_set_dirty alias for coap_deprecated
coap_resource_set_get_observable alias for coap_observe
coap_resource_set_mode alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_set_userdata alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_unknown_init alias for coap_resource
coap_resource_unknown_init2 alias for coap_resource
coap_run_once alias for coap_deprecated
coap_send alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_session Work with CoAP sessions
coap_session_disconnected alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_ack_random_factor alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_ack_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_addr_local alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_addr_mcast alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_addr_remote alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_app_data alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_context alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_default_leisure alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_ifindex alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_max_payloads alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_max_retransmit alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_non_max_retransmit alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_non_receive_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_non_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_nstart alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_probing_rate alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_get_proto alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_psk_hint alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_psk_key alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_state alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_tls alias for coap_session
coap_session_get_type alias for coap_session
coap_session_init_token alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_session_max_pdu_size alias for coap_endpoint_client
coap_session_new_token alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_session_reference alias for coap_session
coap_session_release alias for coap_session
coap_session_set_ack_random_factor alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_ack_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_app_data alias for coap_session
coap_session_set_default_leisure alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_max_payloads alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_max_retransmit alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_mtu alias for coap_endpoint_client
coap_session_set_no_observe_cancel alias for coap_observe
coap_session_set_non_max_retransmit alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_non_receive_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_non_timeout alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_nstart alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_probing_rate alias for coap_recovery
coap_session_set_type_client alias for coap_session
coap_session_str alias for coap_logging
coap_set_event_handler alias for coap_deprecated
coap_set_log_handler alias for coap_logging
coap_set_log_level alias for coap_logging
coap_set_show_pdu_output alias for coap_logging
coap_show_pdu alias for coap_logging
coap_show_tls_version alias for coap_tls_library
coap_sockaddr_un alias for coap_address
coap_split_path alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_split_proxy_uri alias for coap_uri
coap_split_query alias for coap_pdu_setup
coap_split_uri alias for coap_uri
coap_startup alias for coap_init
coap_string Work with CoAP string functions
coap_string_equal alias for coap_string
coap_string_tls_support alias for coap_tls_library
coap_string_tls_version alias for coap_tls_library
coap_tcp_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_tls_is_supported alias for coap_tls_library
coap_tls_library Work with CoAP TLS libraries
coap_uri Work with CoAP URIs
coap_uri_into_options alias for coap_uri
coap_websockets Work with CoAP WebSockets
coap_write alias for coap_deprecated
coap_ws_is_supported alias for coap_websockets
coap_ws_set_host_request alias for coap_websockets
coap_wss_is_supported alias for coap_websockets