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Package libcap-ng-devel

Header files for libcap-ng library


The libcap-ng-devel package contains the files needed for developing
applications that need to use the libcap-ng library.

Version: 0.8.5

See also: libcap, libcap-devel, libcap-ng, libcap-ng-utils.

Library Functions

capng_apply apply the stored capabilities settings
capng_apply_caps_fd write file-based capabilities to extended attributes
capng_capability_to_name convert capability integer to text
capng_change_id change the credentials retaining capabilities
capng_clear clear chosen capabilities set
capng_fill fill chosen capabilities set
capng_get_caps_fd read file-based capabilities from extended attributes
capng_get_caps_process get the capabilities from a process
capng_get_rootid get namespace root id
capng_have_capabilities check for capabilities
capng_have_capability check for specific capability
capng_lock lock the current process capabilities settings
capng_name_to_capability convert capability text to integer
capng_print_caps_numeric print numeric values for capabilities set
capng_print_caps_text print names of values for capabilities set
capng_restore_state set the internal library state
capng_save_state get the internal library state
capng_set_rootid set namespace root id
capng_setpid set working pid
capng_update update the stored capabilities settings
capng_updatev update the stored capabilities settings