Package libcaca-devel

Development files for libcaca, the library for Colour AsCii Art

libcaca is the Colour AsCii Art library. It provides high level functions
for color text drawing, simple primitives for line, polygon and ellipse
drawing, as well as powerful image to text conversion routines.

This package contains the header files and static libraries needed to
compile applications or shared objects that use libcaca.

General Commands
Command Description
caca-config script to get information about the installed version of libcaca
Library Functions
Library Function Description
caca_attr.3caca caca_attr
caca_attributes.3caca caca_attributes
caca_canvas.3caca caca_canvas
caca_charfont.3caca caca_charfont
caca_charset.3caca caca_charset
caca_conio_text_info.3caca DOS text area information.
caca_dirty.3caca caca_dirty
caca_display.3caca caca_display
caca_dither.3caca caca_dither
caca_event.3caca Handling of user events.
caca_figfont.3caca caca_figfont
caca_file.3caca caca_file
caca_font.3caca caca_font
caca_frame.3caca caca_frame
caca.h.3caca The libcaca public header.
caca_importexport.3caca caca_importexport
caca_option.3caca Option parsing.
caca_primitives.3caca caca_primitives
caca_process.3caca caca_process
caca_transform.3caca caca_transform
conio.3caca conio
libcaca.3caca libcaca
libcaca-canvas.3caca libcaca-canvasThe libcaca canvas format (version 1)
libcaca-env.3caca libcaca-envLibcaca environment variables
libcaca-font.3caca libcaca-fontThe libcaca font format (version 1)
libcaca-migrating.3caca libcaca-migratingMigrating from libcaca 0.x to the 1.0 API
libcaca-ruby.3caca libcaca-rubyLibcaca ruby bindings
libcaca-ruby-api.3caca libcaca-ruby-apiLibcaca Ruby API
libcaca-style.3caca libcaca-styleLibcaca coding style
libcaca-tutorial.3caca libcaca-tutorialA libcaca tutorial