Package libbsd-devel

Development files for libbsd

Development files for the libbsd library.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
arc4random.3bsd arc4 random number generator
bitstring.3bsd bit-string manipulation macros
byteorder.3bsd byte order operations
closefrom.3bsd delete open file descriptors
errc.3bsd formatted error messages
expand_number.3bsd format a number from human readable form
explicit_bzero.3bsd write zeroes to a byte string
fgetln.3bsd get a line from a stream
fgetwln.3bsd get a line of wide characters from a stream
flopen.3bsd reliably open and lock a file
fmtcheck.3bsd sanitizes user-supplied printf(3)-style format string
fparseln.3bsd return the next logical line from a stream
fpurge.3bsd flush a stream
funopen.3bsd open a stream
getbsize.3bsd get preferred block size
getpeereid.3bsd get the effective credentials of a UNIX-domain peer
getprogname.3bsd get or set the program name
heapsort.3bsd sort functions
humanize_number.3bsd format a number into a human readable form and viceversa
md5.3bsd calculate the RSA Data Security, Inc., ``MD5'' message digest
nlist.3bsd retrieve symbol table name list from an executable file
pidfile.3bsd library for PID files handling
queue.3bsd implementations of singly-linked lists, singly-linked tail queues, lists and...
radixsort.3bsd radix sort
readpassphrase.3bsd get a passphrase from the user
reallocarray.3bsd memory allocation and deallocation
reallocf.3bsd general purpose memory allocation functions
setmode.3bsd modify mode bits
setproctitle.3bsd set process title
stringlist.3bsd stringlist manipulation functions
strlcpy.3bsd size-bounded string copying and concatenation
strmode.3bsd convert inode status information into a symbolic string
strnstr.3bsd locate a substring in a string
strtonum.3bsd reliably convert string value to an integer
timeradd.3bsd operations on time structure
timeval.3bsd time structures
tree.3bsd implementations of splay and red-black trees
unvis.3bsd decode a visual representation of characters
vis.3bsd visually encode characters
wcslcpy.3bsd wide character string manipulation operations
Name Description
libbsd utility functions from BSD systems