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Package libbsd-devel

Development files for libbsd


Development files for the libbsd library.

Version: 0.12.2

Library Functions

LIST_CLASS_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_CLASS_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_EMPTY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_FIRST.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_FOREACH.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_FOREACH_FROM.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_FOREACH_FROM_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_FOREACH_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_INIT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_INSERT_AFTER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_INSERT_BEFORE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_INSERT_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_NEXT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_PREV.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_REMOVE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
LIST_SWAP.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
RB_EMPTY.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_ENTRY.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_FIND.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_FOREACH.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_FOREACH_REVERSE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_GENERATE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_GENERATE_STATIC.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_HEAD.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_INIT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_INITIALIZER.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_INSERT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_LEFT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_MAX.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_MIN.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_NEXT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_NFIND.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_PARENT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_PREV.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_PROTOTYPE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_PROTOTYPE_STATIC.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_REMOVE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_RIGHT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
RB_ROOT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SLIST_CLASS_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_CLASS_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_EMPTY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_FIRST.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_FOREACH.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_FOREACH_FROM.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_FOREACH_FROM_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_FOREACH_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_INIT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_INSERT_AFTER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_INSERT_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_NEXT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_REMOVE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_REMOVE_AFTER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_REMOVE_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_REMOVE_PREVPTR.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SLIST_SWAP.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
SPLAY_EMPTY.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_ENTRY.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_FIND.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_FOREACH.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_GENERATE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_HEAD.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_INIT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_INITIALIZER.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_INSERT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_LEFT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_MAX.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_MIN.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_NEXT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_PROTOTYPE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_REMOVE.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_RIGHT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
SPLAY_ROOT.3bsd alias for tree.3bsd
STAILQ_CLASS_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_CLASS_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_CONCAT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_EMPTY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_FIRST.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_FOREACH.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_FOREACH_FROM.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_FOREACH_FROM_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_INIT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_LAST.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_NEXT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_REMOVE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_REMOVE_AFTER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_REMOVE_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
STAILQ_SWAP.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_CLASS_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_CLASS_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_CONCAT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_EMPTY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_ENTRY.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FIRST.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_FROM.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_FROM_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE_FROM.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE_FROM_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_HEAD_INITIALIZER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_INIT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_INSERT_AFTER.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_INSERT_BEFORE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_INSERT_HEAD.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_LAST.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_NEXT.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_PREV.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_REMOVE.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
TAILQ_SWAP.3bsd alias for queue.3bsd
arc4random.3bsd random number generator
arc4random_addrandom.3bsd alias for arc4random.3bsd
arc4random_buf.3bsd alias for arc4random.3bsd
arc4random_stir.3bsd alias for arc4random.3bsd
arc4random_uniform.3bsd alias for arc4random.3bsd
be16dec.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
be16enc.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
be32dec.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
be32enc.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
be64dec.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
be64enc.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
bit_alloc.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_clear.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_decl.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_ffc.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_ffs.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_nclear.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_nset.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_set.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bit_test.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bitstr_size.3bsd alias for bitstring.3bsd
bitstring.3bsd bit-string manipulation macros
byteorder.3bsd byte order operations
closefrom.3bsd delete open file descriptors
dehumanize_number.3bsd alias for humanize_number.3bsd
errc.3bsd formatted error messages
expand_number.3bsd format a number from human readable form
explicit_bzero.3bsd write zeroes to a byte string
fgetln.3bsd get a line from a stream
fgetwln.3bsd get a line of wide characters from a stream
flopen.3bsd Reliably open and lock a file
fmtcheck.3bsd sanitizes user-supplied printf(3)-style format string
fparseln.3bsd return the next logical line from a stream
fpurge.3bsd flush a stream
freezero.3bsd alias for reallocarray.3bsd
funopen.3bsd open a stream
getbsize.3bsd get preferred block size
getmode.3bsd alias for setmode.3bsd
getpeereid.3bsd get the effective credentials of a UNIX-domain peer
getprogname.3bsd get and set program name
gid_from_group.3bsd alias for pwcache.3bsd
group_from_gid.3bsd alias for pwcache.3bsd
heapsort.3bsd sort functions
humanize_number.3bsd format a number into a human readable form and viceversa
le16dec.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
le16enc.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
le32dec.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
le32enc.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
le64dec.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
le64enc.3bsd alias for byteorder.3bsd
md5.3bsd calculate the RSA Data Security, Inc., ``MD5'' message digest
mergesort.3bsd alias for heapsort.3bsd
nlist.3bsd retrieve symbol table name list from an executable file
pidfile.3bsd library for PID files handling
pidfile_close.3bsd alias for pidfile.3bsd
pidfile_open.3bsd alias for pidfile.3bsd
pidfile_remove.3bsd alias for pidfile.3bsd
pidfile_write.3bsd alias for pidfile.3bsd
pwcache.3bsd cache password and group entries
queue.3bsd implementations of singly-linked lists, singly-linked tail queues, lists and tail queues
radixsort.3bsd radix sort
readpassphrase.3bsd get a passphrase from the user
reallocarray.3bsd memory allocation and deallocation
reallocf.3bsd general purpose memory allocation functions
recallocarray.3bsd alias for reallocarray.3bsd
setmode.3bsd modify mode bits
setproctitle.3bsd set process title
setproctitle_init.3bsd alias for setproctitle.3bsd
setprogname.3bsd alias for getprogname.3bsd
sl_add.3bsd alias for stringlist.3bsd
sl_delete.3bsd alias for stringlist.3bsd
sl_find.3bsd alias for stringlist.3bsd
sl_free.3bsd alias for stringlist.3bsd
sl_init.3bsd alias for stringlist.3bsd
sradixsort.3bsd alias for radixsort.3bsd
stringlist.3bsd stringlist manipulation functions
strlcat.3bsd alias for strlcpy.3bsd
strlcpy.3bsd size-bounded string copying and concatenation
strmode.3bsd convert inode status information into a symbolic string
strnstr.3bsd locate a substring in a string
strnunvis.3bsd alias for unvis.3bsd
strnvis.3bsd alias for vis.3bsd
strtoi.3bsd convert a string value to an intmax_t integer
strtonum.3bsd reliably convert string value to an integer
strtou.3bsd convert a string value to an uintmax_t integer
strunvis.3bsd alias for unvis.3bsd
strvis.3bsd alias for vis.3bsd
strvisx.3bsd alias for vis.3bsd
timeradd.3bsd operations on time structure
timerclear.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timercmp.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timerisset.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timersub.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timespecadd.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timespecclear.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timespeccmp.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timespecisset.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
timespecsub.3bsd alias for timeradd.3bsd
tree.3bsd implementations of splay and red-black trees
uid_from_user.3bsd alias for pwcache.3bsd
unvis.3bsd decode a visual representation of characters
user_from_uid.3bsd alias for pwcache.3bsd
verrc.3bsd alias for errc.3bsd
vis.3bsd visually encode characters
vwarnc.3bsd alias for errc.3bsd
warnc.3bsd alias for errc.3bsd
wcslcat.3bsd alias for wcslcpy.3bsd
wcslcpy.3bsd wide character string manipulation operations


libbsd utility functions from BSD systems