Package libbind-devel

Header files for ISC's libbind

libbind-devel provides header files and documentation for development with
ISC's libbind

Library Functions
Library Function Description
libbind_getaddrinfo nodename-to-address translation in protocol-independent manner
libbind_gethostbyname get network host entry
libbind_getipnodebyname get network host entry freehostent
libbind_getnameinfo address-to-name translation in protocol-independent manner
libbind_getnetent get networks entry
libbind_hesiod Hesiod name server interface library
libbind_inet_cidr network translation routines
libbind_resolver resolver routines
libbind_tsig TSIG system
File Formats
File Description
libbind_irs.conf Information Retrieval System configuration file
libbind_resolver resolver configuration file
Name Description
libbind_hostname host name resolution description