Package libarchive-devel

Development files for libarchive

The libarchive-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use libarchive.

Version: 3.6.1

See also: libarchive.

Library Functions

archive_entry functions for managing archive entry descriptions
archive_entry_acl functions for manipulating Access Control Lists in archive entry descriptions
archive_entry_linkify hardlink resolver functions
archive_entry_misc miscellaneous functions for manipulating properties of archive_entry
archive_entry_paths functions for manipulating path names in archive entry descriptions
archive_entry_perms functions for manipulating ownership and permissions in archive entry descriptions
archive_entry_stat accessor functions for manipulating archive entry descriptions
archive_entry_time functions for manipulating times in archive entry descriptions
archive_read functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_add_passphrase functions for reading encrypted archives
archive_read_data functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_disk functions for reading objects from disk
archive_read_extract functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_filter functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_format functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_free functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_header functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_new functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_open functions for reading streaming archives
archive_read_set_options functions controlling options for reading archives
archive_util libarchive utility functions
archive_write functions for creating archives
archive_write_blocksize functions for creating archives
archive_write_data functions for creating archives
archive_write_disk functions for creating objects on disk
archive_write_filter functions enabling output filters
archive_write_finish_entry functions for creating archives
archive_write_format functions for creating archives
archive_write_free functions for creating archives
archive_write_header functions for creating archives
archive_write_new functions for creating archives
archive_write_open functions for creating archives
archive_write_set_options functions controlling options for writing archives
archive_write_set_passphrase functions for writing encrypted archives
libarchive functions for reading and writing streaming archives
libarchive_changes changes in libarchive interface
libarchive_internals description of libarchive internal interfaces

File Formats

libarchive-formats archive formats supported by the libarchive library