Package libabigail

Set of ABI analysis tools

The libabigail package comprises six command line utilities: abidiff,
abipkgdiff, abicompat, abidw, abilint and fedabipkgdiff. The abidiff
command line tool compares the ABI of two ELF shared libraries and
emits meaningful textual reports about changes impacting exported
functions, variables and their types. abipkgdiff compares the ABIs of
ELF binaries contained in two packages. abicompat checks if a
subsequent version of a shared library is still compatible with an
application that is linked against it. abidw emits an XML
representation of the ABI of a given ELF shared library. abilint
checks that a given XML representation of the ABI of a shared library
is correct. fedabipkgdiff interacts with the Fedora Build System over
the internet to let the user compare the ABI of Fedora packages
without having to download them manually.

Install libabigail if you need to compare the ABI of ELF shared

General Commands
Command Description
abicompat check ABI compatibility
abidiff compare ABIs of ELF files
abidw serialize the ABI of an ELF file
abilint validate an abigail ABI representation
abipkgdiff compare ABIs of ELF files in software packages
Name Description
libabigail Library to analyze and compare ELF ABIs