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Package lei

Local Email Interface for public-inbox


The client-side component of public-inbox that allows to interact with mail
storage systems, including public-inbox servers.

Version: 2.0.0~20230714git590023f

General Commands

lei local email interface
lei-add-external add inbox or external index
lei-add-watch watch for new messages and flag changes
lei-blob display a git blob, reconstructing from mail if necessary
lei-config git-config wrapper for lei configuration file
lei-convert one-time conversion from one mail format to another
lei-daemon-kill signal the lei-daemon
lei-daemon-pid show the PID of the lei-daemon
lei-edit-search edit saved search
lei-export-kw export keywords (flags) to Maildir and IMAP folders
lei-forget-external forget external locations
lei-forget-mail-sync forget sync information for a mail folder
lei-forget-search forget saved search
lei-import one-time import of messages into local store
lei-index index messages without importing them into lei/store
lei-init initialize storage
lei-inspect general purpose inspector
lei-lcat display local copy of messages(s)
lei-ls-external list inbox and external index locations
lei-ls-label list labels
lei-ls-mail-source list IMAP or NNTP mail source folders
lei-ls-mail-sync list mail sync folders
lei-ls-search list saved search queries
lei-ls-watch list active watches
lei-mail-diff diff the contents of emails
lei-p2q use a patch to generate a lei-q query
lei-q search for messages matching terms
lei-rediff regenerate a diff with different options
lei-refresh-mail-sync refresh sync info with Maildir, IMAP
lei-reindex reindex messages already in lei/store
lei-rm unindex a message in lei/store
lei-rm-watch stop watching locations
lei-tag set/unset metadata on messages
lei-up update a saved search

File Formats

lei-mail-formats description of mail formats supported by lei
lei-store-format lei/store format description


lei-mail-sync-overview an overview of lei mail synchronization
lei-overview an overview of lei
lei-security security information

System Administration

lei-daemon technical information for local email interface daemon