Package ldns-utils

DNS(SEC) utilities for querying dns

Collection of tools to get, check or alter DNS(SEC) data.

Version: 1.8.3

General Commands

drill get (debug) information out of DNS(SEC)
ldns-chaos give some information about a nameserver
ldns-compare-zones read and compare two zonefiles and print differences
ldns-config show compiler and linker flags for ldns usage.
ldns-dane verify or create TLS authentication with DANE (RFC6698)
ldns-dpa DNS Packet Analyzer. Analyze DNS packets in ip trace files
ldns-gen-zone read a zonefile and print it while adding DS records and extra RR's
ldns-key2ds transform a DNSKEY RR to a DS RR
ldns-keyfetcher retrieve the DNSSEC DNSKEYs for a zone
ldns-keygen generate a DNSSEC key pair
ldns-mx print out the mx record(s) for a domain
ldns-notify notify DNS servers that updates are available
ldns-nsec3-hash print out the NSEC3 hash for a domain name
ldns-read-zone read a zonefile and print it
ldns-resolver tries to create a resolver from a resolv.conf file.
ldns-revoke sets the revoke bit of a DNSKEY
ldns-rrsig print out the inception and expiration dates in human readable form
ldns-signzone sign a zonefile with DNSSEC data
ldns-test-edns test if dns cache supports EDNS and DNSSEC.
ldns-testns simple fake nameserver tool
ldns-update send a dynamic update packet
ldns-verify-zone read a DNSSEC signed zone and verify it.
ldns-version print out the version of the ldns-library and tools on this system
ldns-walk Retrieve the contents of a DNSSEC signed zone
ldns-zcat reunite (z)split up a zone files
ldns-zsplit split up a zone file
ldnsd simple daemon example code