Package ldns-devel

Development package that includes the ldns header files

The devel package contains the ldns library and the include files

Library Functions
Library Function Description
ldns_algorithm numbers assigned to algorithms used in dns
ldns_axfr_abort functions for full zone transfer
ldns_axfr_complete functions for full zone transfer
ldns_axfr_last_pkt functions for full zone transfer
ldns_axfr_next functions for full zone transfer
ldns_axfr_start functions for full zone transfer
ldns_b32_ntop_calculate_size return size needed for b32 or b64 encoded or decoded data
ldns_b32_pton_calculate_size return size needed for b32 or b64 encoded or decoded data
ldns_b64_ntop_calculate_size return size needed for b32 or b64 encoded or decoded data
ldns_b64_pton_calculate_size return size needed for b32 or b64 encoded or decoded data
ldns_bget_token get tokens from buffers
ldns_bubblebabble encode data as BubbleBabble
ldns_buffer buffers
ldns_buffer2pkt_wire convert buffer/wire format to ldns_pkt
ldns_buffer2str buffers
ldns_buffer_copy buffers
ldns_buffer_export2str buffers
ldns_buffer_flip buffer positioning
ldns_buffer_limit buffer limits and pointers
ldns_buffer_new buffers
ldns_buffer_read_at reading and writing buffers
ldns_buffer_remaining_at check buffer status
ldns_buffer_write_u32 reading and writing buffers
ldns_buffer_write_u32_at reading and writing buffers
ldns_calc_keytag_raw calculate ldns keytag
ldns_create_nsec Create a NSEC record
ldns_dane_create_tlsa_owner TLSA RR creation functions
ldns_dane_verify TLSA RR verification functions
ldns_dname2canonical canonicalize dname
ldns_dname_cat concatenate two dnames
ldns_dname_compare compare two dnames
ldns_dname_is_subdomain check properties of dnames
ldns_dname_left_chop dname label functions
ldns_dname_new create a dname
ldns_dnssec_data_chain data structures for validation chains
ldns_dnssec_data_chain_new ldns_chain creation, destruction and printing
ldns_dnssec_name_new functions for ldns_dnssec_name
ldns_dnssec_rrsets_new functions for ldns_dnssec_rrsets
ldns_dnssec_rrs_new functions for ldns_dnssecrrs
ldns_dnssec_trust_tree_new functions for ldns_dnssec_trust_tree
ldns_dnssec_verify_denial verify denial of existence
ldns_dnssec_zone data structures
ldns_dnssec_zone_find_rrset functions for ldns_dnssec_zone
ldns_dnssec_zone_sign sign ldns_dnssec_zone
ldns_duration2string duration type and related functions
ldns_duration2time duration type and related functions
ldns_duration_cleanup duration type and related functions
ldns_duration_compare duration type and related functions
ldns_duration_create duration type and related functions
ldns_duration_create_from_string duration type and related functions
ldns_duration_type duration type and related functions
ldns_fget_token get tokens from files
ldns_getaddrinfo mimic libc getaddrinfo
ldns_get_errorstr_by_id errors
ldns_get_rr_class_by_name lookup class or type by name
ldns_get_rr_list_hosts_frm_fp parse /etc/hosts file
ldns_get_rr_list_hosts_frm_fp_l parse /etc/hosts file
ldns_get_rr_list_name_by_addr get addresses by name or names by address
ldns_init_random seed the random function
ldns_is_rrset is rr_list a rrset
ldns_key ldns_key data structure
ldns_key2rr convert ldns_key to rr
ldns_key_algo_supported set ldns_key attributes
ldns_key_free free a ldns_key
ldns_key_new create a ldns_key
ldns_key_new_frm_fp create a ldns_key
ldns_key_new_frm_fp_dsa create a ldns_key
ldns_key_new_frm_fp_rsa create a ldns_key
ldns_key_origttl read ldns_keys
ldns_key_print print a ldns_key
ldns_key_rr2ds create DS rr from DNSKEY rr
ldns_key_set_algorithm set ldns_key attributes
ldns_native2rdf_int8 rdf numeric converion functions
ldns_octet removes escaped from the input
ldns_pkt request or anser packets types
ldns_pkt2buffer_str lower level conversions
ldns_pkt_edns ldns_pkt ends0 related functions
ldns_pkt_id get ldns_pkt attributes
ldns_pkt_new ldns_pkt creation, destruction and printing
ldns_pkt_set_flags set ldns_pkt attributes
ldns_pkt_tsig_verify tsig signing and verification
ldns_pkt_verify verify a packet
ldns_rdf rdata field type
ldns_rdf2buffer_str_a lower level to string conversion functions
ldns_rdf_address_reverse reverse an address rdf
ldns_rdf_new ldns_rdf creation, destruction and printing
ldns_rdf_set_size set rdf attributes
ldns_rdf_size get rdf attributes
ldns_rr types representing dns resource records
ldns_rr2canonical canonicalize a RR
ldns_rr2str functions for conversions to string
ldns_rr2wire conversion functions
ldns_rr_compare compare a ldns_rr
ldns_rr_descript rdata field descriptors
ldns_rr_dnskey_flags get and set DNSKEY RR rdata fields
ldns_rr_label_count return ownername label count
ldns_rr_list_cat ldns_rr_list manipulation
ldns_rr_list_clone clone a ldns_rr_list
ldns_rr_list_free ldns_rr_list creation and destruction
ldns_rr_list_rr_count get and set ldns_rr_list length
ldns_rr_list_sort sort a ldns_rr_list
ldns_rr_mx_preference get MX RR rdata fields
ldns_rr_new ldns_rr creation, destruction and printing
ldns_rr_ns_nsdname get dname rdata field from NS RR
ldns_rr_print ldns_rr creation, destruction and printing
ldns_rr_push_rdf push and pop rdata fields
ldns_rr_rdf access rdata fields on ldns_rr
ldns_rr_rrsig_set_typecovered get and set RRSIG RR rdata fields
ldns_rr_set_owner set ldns_rr attributes
ldns_rr_set_push_rr push and pop rr on a rrset
ldns_rr_uncompressed_size calculates the uncompressed size of an RR
ldns_send send a packet
ldns_sign_public sign an rrset
ldns_sign_public_dsa sign buffer
ldns_status errors
ldns_str2period converts a ttl value (like 5d2h) to a long
ldns_tcp_send_query tcp queries
ldns_update_adcount return update packet counters
ldns_update_pkt_new create an update packet
ldns_update_pkt_tsig_add add resolver's tsig credentials to an ldns_pkt
ldns_update_set_zocount set the update packet counters
ldns_verify verify rrsigs
ldns_verify_rrsig_dsa verify signature data buffers
ldns_version return library version
ldns_wire2rr convert from wire format to host type
ldns_zone ldns_zone creation, destruction and printing
ldns_zone_free ldns_zone creation, destruction and printing
ldns_zone_new ldns_zone creation, destruction and printing
ldns_zone_print_fmt ldns_zone creation, destruction and printing
ldns_zone_push_rr add rr's to a ldns_zone
ldns_zone_rr_count get ldns_zone size
ldns_zone_rrs ldns_zone get content
ldns_zone_set_soa ldns_zone set content
ldns_zone_sign dnssec sign a zone
ldns_zone_sign_nsec3 dnssec sign a zone
ldns_zone_sort sort a zone and get the glue records