Package lbdb

Address Database for mutt

The Little Brother's Database (lbdb) consists of a set of small tools
that collect mail addresses from several sources and offer these
addresses to the external query feature of the Mutt mail reader.

General Commands (Section 1)
dotlock implements the traditional mail spool file locking method: To lock file, a file named file.lock is created.
lbdb-fetchaddr is a shell script which reads a mail on stdin. It extracts the contents of some header fields (default: `From:', `To:', `Cc:', `Resent-From:'...
lbdbq is the client program for the little brother's database. It will attempt to invoke various modules to gather information about persons matching something...
mutt_ldap_query performs ldap queries using either ldapsearch command or the perl-ldap module and it outputs the required formatted data for feeding mutt when...
convert Fido nodelist and pointlist to lbdb format