Package lazarus

Lazarus Component Library and IDE for Freepascal

A free and open-source RAD tool for Free Pascal using the Lazarus
Component Library - LCL, which is also included in this package.

General Commands (Section 1)
This binary is an integrated development environment for the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) which is an advanced Turbo Pascal and Delphi (7.0) compatible...
lazbuild builds a Lazarus project or package. It compiles projects (.lpi) and packages (.lpk). It checks and automatically compiles required packages.
lazres builds resources for a Lazarus project or package.
lrstolfm Creates an LFM file from resources for a Lazarus project or package (LRS).
startlazarus is used to start the lazarus program. It automatically checks if the user has built a custom lazarus and starts it. It is also used to restart the...
svn2revisioninc is used by Lazarus build system to create file from SVN repository.
updatepofiles Update internationalization files.