Package lavalauncher

lavalauncher is a simple launcher for Wayland

LavaLauncher is a simple launcher for Wayland.

It serves a single purpose: Letting the user execute shell commands by
clicking on icons on a dynamically sized bar, placed at one of the
screen edges or in the center.

Unlike most popular launchers, LavaLauncher does not care about
.desktop files or icon themes. To create a button, you simply provide
the path to an image and a shell command. This makes LavaLauncher
considerably more flexible: You could have buttons not just for
launching applications, but also for ejecting your optical drive,
rotating your screen, sending your cat an email, playing a funny
sound, muting all audio, toggling your lamps, etc. You can turn
practically anything you could do in your shell into a button.

The configuration is done entirely via command flags. See the manpage
for details and an example.

LavaLauncher has been successfully tested with sway and wayfire.

Version: 1.7.0

General Commands

lavalauncher A simple launcher panel for Wayland desktops