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Package labwc

A Wayland window-stacking compositor


Labwc stands for Lab Wayland Compositor, where lab can mean any of the

  * sense of experimentation and treading new ground
  * inspired by BunsenLabs and ArchLabs
  * your favorite pet

Labwc is a wlroots-based window-stacking compositor for wayland, inspired by

It is light-weight and independent with a focus on simply stacking windows
well and rendering some window decorations. It takes a no-bling/frills
approach and says no to features such as icons (except window buttons),
animations, decorative gradients and any other options not required to
reasonably render common themes. It relies on clients for panels, screenshots,
wallpapers and so on to create a full desktop environment.

Labwc tries to stay in keeping with wlroots and sway in terms of general
approach and coding style.

Labwc has no reliance on any particular Desktop Environment, Desktop Shell or
session. Nor does it depend on any UI toolkits such as Qt or GTK.

Version: 0.7.2

General Commands

labwc a Wayland stacking compositor

File Formats

labwc-actions actions
labwc-config configuration files
labwc-menu menu files
labwc-theme theme files