Package kyua-cli

Kyua - Command line interface

Kyua (pronounced Q.A.) is a testing framework for both developers and
users. Kyua is different from most other testing frameworks in that it
puts the end user experience before anything else. There are multiple
reasons for users to run the tests themselves, and Kyua ensures that
they can do so in the most convenient way.

This module, kyua-cli, provides the command-line interface to the Kyua
run-time system: in other words, the 'kyua' binary. The major purpose
of this tool is to run test cases and generate unified reports of
their results.

General Commands
Command Description
kyua Command-line interface to Kyua quality assurance toolkit
kyua-about Shows general program information
kyua-config Inspects the values of the loaded configuration
kyua-db-exec Executes a SQL statement in a results file
kyua-db-migrate Upgrades the schema of an existing results file
kyua-debug Executes a single test case with facilities for debugging
kyua-help Shows usage information
kyua-list Lists test cases and their metadata
kyua-report Generates reports with the results of a test suite run
kyua-report-html Generates an HTML report with the results of a test suite run
kyua-report-junit Generates a JUnit report with the results of a test suite run
kyua-test Runs tests
File Formats
File Description
kyua.conf Configuration file for the kyua tool
kyuafile Test suite description files
Name Description
kyua-build-root Mechanics of build directories
kyua-results-files Description of the results files naming scheme
kyua-test-filters Syntax of the command-line test filters