Knot DNS

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This utility sends one or more DNS queries to a nameserver. Each query can have individual settings, or it can be specified globally via common-settings, which...
This utility sends a DNS query for the name to the server and prints a reply in more user-readable form. For more advanced DNS queries use kdig...
This utility generates Knot DNS configuration file version 2.x from configuration file version 1.x.ParametersOptions
This utility generates a NSEC3 hash for a given domain name and parameters of NSEC3 hash.Parameters
This utility sends Dynamic DNS update messages to a DNS server. Update content is read from a file (if the parameter filename is given) or from the standard...
The utility checks zone file syntax and runs semantic checks on the zone content. The executed checks are the same as the checks run by the Knot DNS server...
Configuration files for Knot DNS use simplified YAML format. Simplified means that not all of the features are supported.
The keymgr utility serves for key management in Knot DNS server. Primarily functions for DNSSEC keys and KASP (Key And Signature Policy) management are...
If no action is specified, the program is executed in interactive mode.ParametersActionsNote Empty or -- zone parameter means all zones or all zones with a...
Knot DNS server daemon