Package kmod

Linux kernel module management utilities

The kmod package provides various programs needed for automatic
loading and unloading of modules under 2.6, 3.x, and later kernels, as well
as other module management programs. Device drivers and filesystems are two
examples of loaded and unloaded modules.

Version: 31

File Formats

depmod.d Configuration directory for depmod
modprobe.conf alias for modprobe.d
modprobe.d Configuration directory for modprobe
modules.dep Module dependency information
modules.dep.bin alias for modules.dep

System Administration

depmod Generate modules.dep and map files.
insmod Simple program to insert a module into the Linux Kernel
kmod Program to manage Linux Kernel modules
lsmod Show the status of modules in the Linux Kernel
modinfo Show information about a Linux Kernel module
modprobe Add and remove modules from the Linux Kernel
rmmod Simple program to remove a module from the Linux Kernel