Package keyutils-libs-devel

Development package for building Linux key management utilities

This package provides headers and libraries for building key utilities.

Version: 1.6.3

See also: keyutils, keyutils-libs.

Library Functions

find_key_by_type_and_name find a key by type and name
keyctl key management function wrappers
keyctl_assume_authority alias for keyctl_instantiate
keyctl_capabilities Query subsystem capabilities
keyctl_chown change the ownership of a key
keyctl_clear clear a keyring
keyctl_describe describe a key
keyctl_describe_alloc alias for keyctl_describe
keyctl_dh_compute_alloc alias for keyctl_dh_compute
keyctl_dh_compute_kdf alias for keyctl_dh_compute
keyctl_get_keyring_ID get the ID of a special keyring
keyctl_get_persistent get the persistent keyring for a user
keyctl_get_security retrieve a key's security context
keyctl_get_security_alloc alias for keyctl_get_security
keyctl_instantiate key instantiation functions
keyctl_instantiate_iov alias for keyctl_instantiate
keyctl_invalidate invalidate a key
keyctl_join_session_keyring join a different session keyring
keyctl_link link/unlink a key to/from a keyring
keyctl_move Move a key between keyrings
keyctl_negate alias for keyctl_instantiate
keyctl_pkey_decrypt alias for keyctl_pkey_encrypt
keyctl_pkey_encrypt Encrypt and decrypt data
keyctl_pkey_query Query public key parameters
keyctl_pkey_sign Generate and verify signatures
keyctl_pkey_verify alias for keyctl_pkey_sign
keyctl_read read a key
keyctl_read_alloc alias for keyctl_read
keyctl_reject alias for keyctl_instantiate
keyctl_restrict_keyring restrict keys that may be linked to a keyring
keyctl_revoke revoke a key
keyctl_search search a keyring for a key
keyctl_session_to_parent set the parent process's session keyring
keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring set the implicit destination keyring
keyctl_set_timeout set the expiration timer on a key
keyctl_setperm change the permissions mask on a key
keyctl_unlink alias for keyctl_link
keyctl_update update a key
keyctl_watch_key Watch for changes to a key
recursive_key_scan apply a function to all keys in a keyring tree
recursive_session_key_scan alias for recursive_key_scan