KDE User's Manual

Package “KDE User's Manual” has 13 man pages.

checkXML is a tool to check for syntax errors in KDE DocBook XML files. It can also be used for other DocBook based XML files, but you should use the less...
The kdesrc-build command is used in order to build KDE software directly from its source repositories. It can download from Subversion or Git repositories...
The kdesrc-build-setup command is used to generate a simple configuration file for kdesrc-build(1). It requires the dialog(1) script be available, and Perl...
Kig is an application for interactive geometry.
kjs is KDE ECMAScript/JavaScript engine.
kjscmd is a tool for launching KJSEmbed scripts from the command line. It will run the scripts contained in the named file using KJSEmbed. It does not accept -...
kross executes kross scripts written in KDE Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java and Falcon.
kshaskpass is a KDE-based passphrase dialog for use with OpenSSH. It is intended to be called by the ssh-add(1) program and not invoked directly. It allows...
kbuildsycoca4, as part of the KDE command line tools ensures the proper operation of KDE by reading in all the .desktop, .xml, and .protocol files to construct...
kcookiejar4 handles the HTTP cookies providing a D-BUS service to store/retrieve/clean cookies.
kded4 is responsible for creating the sycoca file, i.e. the binary cache of servicetypes, mimetypes, and services for a particular user. It monitors the...
kdeinit4 is a process launcher somewhat similar to the famous init used for booting UNIX. It executes KDE programs and kdeinit loadable modules (KLMs) starting...
meinproc4 converts DocBook files to HTML.