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Package jose

Tools for JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)


José is a command line utility for performing various tasks on JSON
Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) objects. José provides a full
crypto stack including key generation, signing and encryption.

Version: 14

General Commands

jose Toolkit for performing JSON Object Signing and Encryption
jose-alg Lists all supported algorithms
jose-b64-dec Decodes URL-safe Base64 data to binary
jose-b64-enc Encodes binary data to URL-safe Base64
jose-fmt Converts JSON between serialization formats
jose-jwe-dec Decrypts a JWE using the supplied JWKs
jose-jwe-enc Encrypts plaintext using one or more JWK/password
jose-jwe-fmt Converts a JWE between serialization formats
jose-jwk-eql Checks if two keys are equal
jose-jwk-exc Performs a key exchange using the two input keys
jose-jwk-gen Creates a random JWK for each input JWK template
jose-jwk-pub Cleans private keys from a JWK
jose-jwk-thp Calculates the JWK thumbprint
jose-jwk-use Validates a key for the specified use(s)
jose-jws-fmt Converts a JWS between serialization formats
jose-jws-sig Signs a payload using one or more JWKs
jose-jws-ver Verifies a JWS using the supplied JWKs