Package jetring

GPG keyring maintenance using changesets

jetring is a collection of tools that allow for GPG keyrings to be maintained
using changesets. It was developed with the Debian keyring in mind, and aims to
solve the problem that a GPG keyring is a binary blob that's hard for multiple
people to collaboratively edit.

General Commands
Command Description
jetring-accept accept a changeset
jetring-apply apply a changeset to a keyring
jetring-build applies changesets to produce a keyring
jetring-checksum manage checksums in jetring index file
jetring-diff shows the differences between two keyrings
jetring-explode import a keyring into a list of changesets
jetring-gen generates changesets for changes between two keyrings
jetring-review review a changeset to a keyring
jetring-signindex gpg sign an index file
Name Description
jetring maintenance of gpg keyrings using changesets