Package javapackages-common

Non-essential macros and scripts for Java packaging support

This package provides non-essential, but commonly used macros and
scripts to support Java packaging.

Version: 6.1.0

General Commands

abs2rel convert absolute path to relative path


mvn_alias add alias(es) for Maven artifact(s)
mvn_artifact request installation of Maven artifact
mvn_build build Maven project with XMvn
mvn_compat_version set version(s) for Maven artifact(s)
mvn_config specify custom XMvn configuration option
mvn_file set installation location(s) for Maven artifact(s)
mvn_install install Maven artifacts
mvn_package specify target package for Maven artifact(s)
pom_add_dep add dependency to Maven POM file or Ivy module
pom_add_parent add parent POM reference to POM file
pom_add_plugin add plugin invocation to POM file
pom_change_dep change dependency in Maven POM file or Ivy module
pom_disable_module disable given project module in POM file
pom_remove_dep remove dependency on Maven artifact from POM file
pom_remove_parent remove parent POM reference from POM file
pom_remove_plugin remove Maven plugin invocation from POM file
pom_set_parent set parent POM reference in POM file
pom_xpath_disable Disable all modules whose POM files satisfy given XPath condition
pom_xpath_inject inject code into XML file
pom_xpath_remove remove a node from XML file
pom_xpath_replace replace XML node from XML file with given code
pom_xpath_set set contents of XML node from XML file